30 Smart Tips For Clearing PMS & CSS Exam in First Attempt

30 Tips & Tricks For Success in PCS, PMS, CSS Exam & Combined Competitive Exam in First Attempt

If you want to clear and pass competitive examination like that of PMS and CSS exam in the first attempt then here we are sharing these great tips with you. These are toughest and competitive exams. You need to be smart enough to pass in these examinations. Below are 30 smart tips for you about clearing the combined competitive or CSS exam in first attempt:

Top 30 Smart Tips For PMS & CSS Exam
1. Meet The Successful Candidates Only
Never mingle with those candidates who have failed in CSS or combined competitive exam, these people will destroy your confidence too. Try to meet achievers for getting tips from them.

2. Choosing your Optional Subjects Wisely
You should choose those optional subjects for yourself which are more scoring. Select those subjects which you have more grip on.

3. Understand Each Concept Properly
In these competitive exams like CSS, PMS, cramming will not work. You should understand all topics in an intelligent manner.

4. Taking Help From Past Papers
You can take massive guide from past papers. In this manner, students will have this idea that what structure of questions usually come in CSS, PMS exam papers.

5. Focus On Toughest Subjects
You should be focusing and giving more time to toughest subjects. Like if you are weak in English subject then you need to work on this subject massively.

6. Avoid Writing Irrelevant Answers
Your answers have to be impressive. Writing irrelevant answers will not let you to lose marks. You have to impress the examiner on each and every note. Your answers have to be written to the point. First focus on a particular question and then make an outline. Remain stick with question requirements.

7.Do Appear in NTS & PCS Recruitment Tests
Your primary focus should be on CSS or PMS Exam but in between you should not miss departmental recruitment tests, NTS and PCS tests for non gazetted jobs like sub inspector, income tax inspector, excise inspector, food inspector, FIA inspectors etc. There are two benefits for appearing in such recruitment tests i.e first in case of success you will get confidence about your preparation, secondly in case of failure you will be able to judge your mistakes. You will also be able to cover the syllabus in short time during the preparation of these exams. In case of selection do accept the offer.

8. Make Stronger First Impression On Examiner
Your initial questions should look impressive. Not only your initial and beginning questions but also your last questions have to look impressive.

9. Avoid Getting Panic
While attempting these CSS, PMS exam papers, you should not get into panic mode. Have full and complete believe on yourself.

10. Work Hard On Compulsory Subjects
Many of the students take these compulsory subjects for granted. It is a big mistake from their end. Work on your compulsory subjects in a manner like you work and study for your optional subjects.

30 Smart Tips For Clearing CSS & PMS Exam in First Attempt


30 Smart Tips For Clearing PMS & CSS Exam in First Attempt

11. Avoid Wasting Your Chances
Only three chances will be given to you to sit for these CSS, PMS exam papers. Do not miss these chances and avail them wisely.

12. Avoid Opting Less Scoring Subjects
Do not go for less scoring subjects no matter how much you are proficient in them. Choose those subjects which have a history and track of being called as most high scoring subjects.

13. Taking Help From Libraries
They are best guiding source for you. To make your answers impressive, to make impressive notes, you can do so with the help of libraries.

14. Improve Your English Grammar And Vocabulary Area
These CSS, PMS exams are all about English grammar usage and vocabulary usage. If you fail in English paper, that means you have not qualified for CSS, PMS written test stage.

15. Improving Your General Knowledge Area
Major chunk of these CSS, PMS exams comprise of general knowledge subjects. So improve your current affairs area, Pakistan studies subject and everyday science subject area.

16. Remain Confident During Interview
If you luckily and successfully pass written test stages of CSS, PMS exams, then you should be well prepare for this interview stage as well.

CSS Exam

17. Never Underestimate Yourself
You should never think that you cannot pass these competitive exams CSS, PMS. Just believe in yourself and give a try to these exams.

18. Appear In Demo Tests
Once you are fully prepared then you should join academies as well so that you can take your full book tests and demo tests.

19. Wring One Essay On a Daily Basis
English essay is the most important subject for PMS and CSS exam. So always write one single essay on a per day basis. This will improve your English too.

20. Read Newspapers On a Daily Basis
Reading newspapers on a per day basis will improve your current affairs subject preparation, Pakistan studies subject and Islamiyat subject, English subject preparation too.

21-Short Term & Long Term Preparation Strategies 
Competitive exams is a game of brains. You need to prepare both short term and long term preparation strategies for preparation of CSS and Combined Competitive exam. Long term plan starts from matriculation. You should study Science subjects at least till matriculation level for clearing your concepts about everyday science. In inter and graduation you should opt subjects which you want to opt in competitive exam. Short term plan must be of 1 year as a normal student needs at least one year for comprehensive preparation of CSS or combined competitive exam.

22-Prepare Yourself For Both PMS & CSS Exam
Never appear just in CSS exam or just in combined competitive exam. You must try for both these competitive exams. There is not any big difference between format and pattern of both these exams. Try your luck to the full extent.

23-Avoid Negative Marking
Generally in PMS or CSS exam, their objective papers are subject to negative marking. So it is better not to attempt those MCQs which answers you do not know!

Complete PMS Guide (Combined Competitive Exams)

24-Selected Studies
Selected studies is too an option for those candidates who do not have time for preparation. Read our following article on selected studies for more guidance.

Smart Tips & Self Help Techniques For Selected Studies

25-Is Academy Useful For You?
My answer is no. You can get just some extra help from these academies like guess papers and test session. At this level you can make list of important questions yourself from past papers. Through combined studies you may check papers of each others.

26-Use Online Resources
Google and even youtube are your best guide for preparation of CSS and combined competitive exam. You just need to learn how to utilize online resources. We shall guide you soon in this regard too.

27-Importance of Quotations, Verses, Poetry & References
You need to be unique and creative in writing your answers. Use authentic  quotations, verses, poetry and reference for making your answers different from others.

28-Your Hobby Should be Reading Books 
Its is very important for success in competitive exam that your hobby should be reading books, no matter your read their hard copies or soft copies from net. Just guides are not enough for your ultimate success.

29-Never Ignore Compulsory Subjects Especially English & Pak Studies
Never underestimate the compulsory subjects like English, Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies.

30-Understand The Importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI)
You need to improve your emotional intelligence too for success in interview and psychological test.

Emotional Intelligence Test-Check Your EQ Level Online, EI Quiz

Last But Not Least Improve Your Creative Writing Skills 
Creative writers can easily clear the PMS or CSS exam in first attempt as they just clear their concepts and write the answers in your own words and unique style, so please improve your creative writing skills. We have written a knowledge base article on this topic too, link has been given below. Soon we shall provide you lot of online preparation material too, so stay in touch with your best online friend and guide i.e justtest.pk and its facebook page.

How to Improve Creative Writing Skills? Golden Tips

A to Z CSS Exam Guide-Step By Step Procedure

A to Z CSS Exam Guide-Step By Step Procedure

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