How To Clear Aga Khan Medical College Entry Test 2020? Syllabus, Guess Paper

How To Clear Aga Khan Medical College AKUMC MCAT Entry Test 2020? Syllabus, Guess Paper & Top Ten Smart Tips
Complete information on Aga Khan Medical College entry test 2020 syllabus, guess paper & top ten tips is mentioned on this page. This Aga Khan University has no syllabus info all for their MCAT test. Just the rough kind of format is announced by this university authorities. Like an applicant has to fully prepare reading comprehension sections and passages, error detection as well as sentence completion sections. In this test, the important chunk will come from science reasoning section and too from mathematics reasoning section.


Aga Khan Medical College MCAT Entry Test Preparation Top 10 Tricks and Suggested Tips

Do take a help from these tips and fully prepare this Aga Khan Medical College MCAT entry test 2020 by following these suggested tips:


1. Get Complete Knowledge of Your AKUMC MCAT Entry Test Format
Know-how of the format of Aga Khan Medical College entry test is always important for the applicant. As this test is composed of two sections and you have to study with complete focus for these two sections. English and science, mathematics subjects- all should get equal attention.



2. Avoid Neglecting The Area of Text Book Exercises
For this Aga Khan University MCAT entry test, if you will ever and ever neglect studying your text book exercises, then that will be the biggest blunder in your academic life. First grab your text books exercises and read them all minutely.



Aga Khan University (AKU)

How To Clear Aga Khan Medical College Entry Test 2020? Syllabus, Guess Paper


3. Complete and Thorough Revision from Your Objective Guidebooks
Rest all objective guidebooks should be consulted by you. You can ask your seniors that which MCQs guide books they opted for the preparation of Aga Khan Medical College entry test.



4. Focusing on Sample Papers and Up to Date Papers Category
Up to date papers and solved model papers, they can easily bring lots of magic and improved percentage in this AKUMC MCAT entry test of yours.



5. Learning and Revising Definitions and Formulas
This test questions revolve around the interpretation of formulas and analysis of concepts. Do get a grip in this interpretation and analysis part.Try to have complete understanding of Scientific definitions, theories and formulas.



6. Complete Written Revision of Numerical Questions Section
Written practice of numerical section is a must for you. Though theory focused MCQs will come, but equal marking and weightage will be seen and given to numerical questions.



7. Learn The Rule of Solving Error Detection and Sentence Completion Sentence
You should know of all rules of attempting error detection and sentence completion sentences.



8. Avoid Doing Ratta
This ratta scheme is the most useless scheme for a student. This test is just and only conceptual based. Very technical conceptual questions does come in this Aga Khan Medical College MCAT entry test, so solve them by using technical and conceptual aptitude skills of yours.



9. Go for Group Study With Your Friends
In most time of your test preparation phase, you will do self study but opting group study medium for one time in a week is recommended too.During group study take test of each others from past papers and sample papers.



10. Never and Ever Lose Confidence
Losing confidence will put you in the danger and weak zone on the test day. Remain determined and believe that you can outclass perform in Aga Khan Medical College entry test 2020.



Additional Tips & Tricks
Learn by heart all the information given in summary of each and every chapter of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Grab all the MCQs given in your practical note books. Memorize the important information given in colored boxes of your text books. Syllabus of UHS Lahore MDCAT entry test and its past papers have great value for you. An intelligent students may gather ideas about important MCQs and topics from these two sources. Here is the link of our related article;


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