Al Hamd Islamic University Islamabad Admission 2021

Alhamd Islamic University/AIU University Shahpur, Bharakahu Islamabad Admission 2021
You can note this important news that this Al Hamd Islamic University has opened their admissions. Students should keep in mind that this admission phase is for their Spring 2021 session time. Here are the details that in which of the particular degree programs, this AIU university has opened this respective admission. This Al Hamd university is a private university. It is located right there in the downtown area situated in Quetta, Balochistan.



This AIU university has gained its recognition from Higher education commission of Pakistan and it has been conceived by Al hamd Educational System. For the information, this Al hamd Educational System was created and established right in year of 1995. This educational system has been operating and managing other of the institutions as well Balochistan Institute of Technology and BIT Girls College and also Dar-e-Arqam Girls College, Quran Research Academy.



History of Al hamd Islamic University
This AIU university was founded in year of 2005. It was under this The Al-Hamd Islamic University, Quetta. Act 2005 that thisĀ  AIU university was created. This act was passed by Balochistan assembly. Now much progress is made in the educational sector of province Balochistan. With the creation of Alhamd Islamic University and other universities, more progress and growth is seen in educational sector of this province.



Departments of AIU University
Department of Technology
Department of Social Sciences
Department of Education
Department of Electronics
Other Schools of Alhamd Islamic University
School of Commerce
School of Management Sciences
School of Computer Sciences
School of Islamic Studies



Admission 2021 Details Issued by Al hamd Islamic University
Now we are going to talk about the piece of information that in which programs this Al Hamd university has currently opened their admission phase. Their department of computer science and information technology, they have opened admission in degree programs of MCS, MIT, BSCS, BSIT, BSSE, ADP.



Their management science and commerce department, they have opened admissions in these degree programs. You can submit your applications in MBA program, BBA program, ADP program, M.Com program, B.Com program. Before any student submit his application in these programs, he has to read and check eligibility information. If you meet with their needed requirements and eligibility criteria then you can enroll and get your seat in this Al hamd Islamic University. Their each faculty and department has its own set of conditions and eligibility. So get in touch with that particular faculty whom who you want to study in it. Get proper details about their degree programs and then submit your form.



Lastly their department of islamic studies, their programs of MA, BS, they have right now announced and opened this current admission 2021 phase.


This is the complete admission 2021 information given by Al Hamd Islamic University. So start with their application form processing. If you face any issue during this phase then contact us. We shall guide you properly. Apply in this AIU university and choose your desired degree program. Good luck for these current admissions.


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Al Hamd Islamic University Islamabad Admission 2021




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