Alfalah Scholarship Scheme 2021 For HSSC, Graduation & Post Graduation 

Alfalah Scholarships 2021 For Intermediate, Graduation, Post Graduation & Professional Degrees
These Alfalah scholarships 2021 are given to those students who cannot continue their studies or who cannot afford the expenses of their dues and tuition fees. This scheme offers financial assistance to the maximum number of needy students of Pakistan. We have many success stories which explain the success of these scholarship schemes. If you think that in the future times, you will face difficulty in completing the stages and phases of your education then apply for this Alfalah scholarship scheme and easily continue and complete your studies. For the needy and deserving students, this platform is made. Its been 20 years that this scholarship program has been working and it giving financial aid and assistance to the needy category students and deserving students without considering their caste and creed. It is on merit and on the basis of need based factor that this scholarship is awarded to the students.



History of Alfalah Scholarship Scheme
It is in 1998 year that this scholarship phase was started and now it is well expanded in all over Pakistan. Many needy students have extracted benefit from this program and with the passed out number of years and time, this scholarship phase is getting success and giving million of chances to the needy students to complete their studies. This assistance is given for the completion of higher studies. This committee only consider the merit factor and no favouritism factor is considered by them. If you come on merit and you are in full need of a financial assistance for your education then apply in the scheme of Alfalah scholarship scheme 2021.



Success Made by Alfalah Scholarship Scheme
So far 342 students have completed their MBBS studies and 495 students have completed their engineering studies by availing this Alfalah scholarship scheme. 3453 students from the background of MS studies and BS studies have availed this Alfalah scholarship program. Great success is facing by this Alfalah scholarship team because they are working for such a great and big cause. We know that for Pakistani students, financial constraints are one of the big hurdles which stop them to continue their studies. We have such great programs to help out needy students of Pakistan. With these programs and startups, no one can put up a blockage in your studies.



How To Apply For Alfalah Scholarships 2021
Shahkoor Alam from Caravan Ilm Foundation America, Shaukat Hussain from ICNA Canada, Afzal Chaudhary from Alfalah Norway- they are working together to make Alfalah scholarships program more successful. This team handover their donation support to make this Alfalah scholarship scheme to progress day by day.



You can give your donations to this program too. Contact on this number, 0346-7135984 and the team of this Alfalah scholarship scheme will guide you that how can you give your donations. If there are any financial constraints coming in your education and studies phase then apply in this program and give a smooth drive to your education. Try to fill up this program with lots of donations so that more and more students of Pakistan can get their desired education.



Click Here To Download Alfalah Scholarships 2021 Form


Alfalah Scholarship 2021 For HSSC, Graduation & Post Graduation


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