All About IELTS Test, Format, Preparation, Types & Tips

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This IELTS is one of the most popular and widely accepted tests when it comes to the evaluation of English language potential and how much you are proficient in it. If you opting for immigration, if you are applying in any abroad university then you need to clear and pass this IELTS test. If you are applying for work visa or you are applying for student visa in any foreign or abroad university then it is all important for you to pass and clear this subjected IELTS test. In almost 1000 centres, this test is conducted. Do you know that in more than and about 130 countries, this test of IELTS is being conducted and processed, it is true. Below are the more details and guide related to this IELTS test.


All About IELTS Test, Format, Preparation, Types & Tips

Structure of IELTS Test
This test consist and comprise of 4 modules. Writing module consist of 60 minutes, listening module consist and comprise of 30 minutes session. Then speaking module is of time frame of 10 to 15 minutes, reading module session consist of 60 minutes. This IELTS exam has the complete and total duration of 2 hours and 45 minutes. This reading module and listening module as well as writing module are being processed on the same days. On the other hand, for this speaking module, gap of one week is usually taken.

Versions of IELTS Test
For the information, this IELTS test, it consist and contain two different set of versions. Its first version is called academic version and its second version is called general version. Academic test is opted by students who wants to study and have admission in english speaking colleges and universities. General test is opted by those people who are looking for a job in any english speaking country. Almost 135 countries accept this IELTS test and this test is also accepted by almost 8000 firms and organizations.

Scoring System in IELTS Test
Talking about the scoring system of this IELTS test, it makes use of point scoring system. On the basis of points and scores, you are being judged and all evaluated on your listening skill, writing skill. reading skill. Once you will appear and sit for IELTS test, you will get your result after 2 weeks. This IELTS test score of yours remain valid in form for about 2 years. Within this duration of 2 years, you can avail this IELTS test score of yours. But once these 2 years will be gone then this score of your IELTS test will be expired. This test has no criteria of pass and fail. It depends on an educational institution that what criteria they have set in their university. Generally majority of universities and colleges require more than 6 bands.

IELTS Test Preparation
Many academies and individuals are offering IELTS preparation classes of 7 days and even 7 hours and less. They claim that their tips and tricks will be useful for you in clearing the IELTS test in first attempt with 8 bands. Never follow such person and prepare yourself for at least 1 to 2 months before appearing in IELTS test. Practice is key to success in all fields including IELTS test. Soon we shall share IELTS preparation strategy on our website.

If you want to get more comprehensive information about IELTS test then stay in touch with us. We will let you know further about this IELTS test importance, tips and tricks. So if you are planning to have admission in foreign university or if you are making plans to get a job in any foreign country then you have to prepare yourself for this IELTS test as well.

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