All About O-Level & A Level in Pakistan-Career Counseling Guide

Comprehensive Career Counseling Guide About Scope of O-Level & A Level in Pakistan in Urdu & English
Today we shall share a comprehensive career counseling guide about O-Level & A-Level programs in Pakistan. There is a huge difference between these matric and inter studies and O-Level & A Level studies. The former one works on the local study framework policy. And the later one works on the United Kingdom Cambridge University and British Council framework policy. This O-Level study has the span of 3 years and then A-level studies have the span of 2 years.

These studies have become the distinguished and highly acknowledged studies in Pakistan. Students are now massively enrolling themselves in O-Level & A Level studies because these programs offer long term benefits. By being the part of O-Level & A Level studies framework, you can smoothly get admission in a foreign university and your chances to get an international level job gets more and further increased.

Increase in Number of Institutions Offering O-Level & A Level Studies in Pakistan
In Pakistan, specific institutions are setting up and getting established which are offering these O-Level & A Level studies. This is a tough studies mode because entire syllabus comes from the British Council side. Syllabus gets changed after two years and these O-Level & A Level studies are based on practical framework approach. This mode focus on the English speaking skills on a maximum basis. Even the subject of islamiyat comes in English version.

There is a huge difference between a matriculation passed student and an O-Level degree passed student, because an O-level student looks more confident and he possess great caliber in terms of English speaking skills. Same way, a large number of international universities and foreign high schools, they prefer candidates and applicants who have done O-Level & A Level studies previously. So if your application form has this ultimate presence of O-Level & A Level studies on it, there are for sure and 200% chances that your selection will be confirmed.

How O-Level & A Level Studies are Beneficial for The Students?
The promising part of these O-Level & A Level studies is that your search to get a job gets easier. If we compare these students from matric and inter passed students, then on the comparative basis, these matric and inter passed one candidates will find a difficulty in getting an international job. The specialty of these studies is that it is not in favor of cramming approach. You will mostly get unseen questions and these questions are based on concepts.

This study framework only encourage conceptual based knowledge. These studies comes with an unlimited syllabus range. To pass these exams, there is no restriction when it comes to reading of books and preparing for exams because these Cambridge level exams are made on conceptual and technical basis. The demand of O-Level & A Level studies and its preference will continuously get higher in Pakistan. Read a detailed comprehensive career counseling guide about scope of O-Level and A-Level in Urdu below this post. Visit and its facebook page as frequently as possible.

All About O-Level & A Level in Pakistan-Career Counseling Guide


All About O-Level & A Level in Pakistan-Career Counseling Guide

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