All About SAT Test For Pakistani Students, Introduction, Pattern & Preparation

Career Counseling Guide About SAT Test For Pakistani Students, Intro, Format, Prohibited Items, Pattern & Preparation TipsĀ 
Here is the complete information for you regarding this SAT test, this is the scholastic assessment test, it is the paper based test and it was first introduced in the year of 1926. If the students wants to take admission in the under graduate program then this is the important test which he has to make an appearance! Your writing and reading skills, then your analytical as well as your mathematical skills are judged in this assessment exam. If any one of you wants to take admission in the American college or you want to enroll in the American university then it is important and compulsory for you to pass this test.


All About SAT Test For Pakistani Students, Introduction, Pattern & Preparation

Details on SAT Test
This test has the total and whole duration of 3 hours and 45 minutes. There are many of the sources that do offer preparatory material for this exam test and by checking out those sources, you can well prepare for this SAT test.

This exam is based on the three sections, you will be preparing for the reading part, then you will be assessed on the writing part, then you have to prepare for its mathematics part as well.

Other Important Information on SAT Test
This reading portion is of 70 minutes duration and basically in this section, you will prepare the topics related to sentence completion and too critical reading of passages. You will be given comprehension and then attempting the questions of that comprehension passage. This reading section comprises three sub sections, one of the sub section is of 20 minutes duration and rest of the two sub sections is of 25 minutes span.

The total time given to the writing section, it is one hour. First you have to write an essay in the time frame of 25 minutes. Then there are two other sections included in this writing section, one is of duration 25 minutes and the other sub section is of 10 minutes time frame. You should know how to identify the errors in the sentences, you should also know how to improve the sentences and how to improve the paragraphs.

Then we have mathematics portion in this SAT test and this section carries the total time span of 70 minutes. One sub section has to be completed by you in 25 minutes and the other sub section need to be finished by you in 20 minutes. You will get MCQs and they will be related to the algebra and geometry topics, statistics and to the topics of data analysis.

Items Which Are Not Allowed At SAT Test Hall
At the test center, you are not allowed to carry the mobile phone or you cannot keep the tablet or ipad at the test venue of yours. If you have any computing device or if you are going to carry a scientific calculator to the test hall of yours then your test will get rejected and you will be disqualified.
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All About Online Act Test & SAT Test in English & Urdu

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