All You Need To Know About TOEFL Test IBT & PBT

Complete Toefl Test Guide-IBT & PBT
Here we will share this test guide with you which is all about this Toefl test. For the information, this Toefl stands test of english as a foreign language. This test is just similar and same in terms of capacity likewise we have this IELTS test. This test check and judges your English language proficiency. This test is taken so that you can be evaluated on your English language proficiency. If you want to get admission in any of the English speaking university, if you want to have your admission in any US university, UK university then it is important for you to pass this Toefl test. If you will not be able to pass this Toefl test then you cannot get admission in any foreign university. This test was started in the year of 1964. Do you know that this test is accepted by almost 9000 in number educational institutions and almost 130 in number of countries do accept this Toefl test. This subjected one test is all administered and managed, processed by American NGO which is educational testing service.


All You Need To Know About TOEFL Test IBT & PBT

Format of Toefl Test
In this Toefl test, you will be coming across with two formats. You can either appear in paper based test or you can have the internet based test. If you will appear in internet based test which is also known as IBT test then this test duration is 3 hours 10 minutes and it can be prolonged up to 4 hours and 20 minutes. If any one of you will appear in paper based test then it has the duration of 2 hours and 20 minutes and this PBT test can be prolonged and continued till the duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Structure of Toefl Test
In this test, first you will have the reading session. This reading session will be of 60 minutes to 100 minutes and you will need to attempt 36 to 70 questions during this reading session.
Then the second stage of this Toefl test is listening. This listening session is of duration 60 to 90 minutes and you will have 34 to 51 questions in this stage.
Then you will appear for speaking session. This speaking session will be continued for the time frame of 20 minutes and you will get 6 tasks in this speaking session. 2 tasks will be related to the area that you will get a topic and you need to express and show up your opinion on that topic.
Then this Toefl test has this writing stage as well. This writing session is of 50 minutes. This session consist of 2 tasks.

Scoring Pattern in Toefl Test
You will be scored and given marks on the basis of 4 modules which are reading and writing and also speaking and listening. In reading module, you can have score from 0 – 30. Then in listening and speaking module, you can score up to 0 – 30, lastly in the writing module, you can and get score up to the level from 0 – 30. And then you can have total score from 0 – 120. We are going to publish tips and online preparation material for TOEFL test so visit us and our facebook page daily.

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