Anemia Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Tips, Diet Plan (Urdu-English)

All About Anemia in Urdu & English Signs, Causes, Treatment, Precautions, Diet Plan
Deficiency of iron anemia is one of the most common types of anemia. This condition might take place when your blood is lacking the needed amount of red cells. These cells are accountable for carrying oxygen right into your body tissues.


Why Iron Deficiency Takes Place?
The reason why iron anemia deficiency takes place is because of the lack or deficiency of iron in the human body. In case if your body is lacking enough amount of iron, it won’t be able to produce the substance with which red cells can perform its functions. Getting into the condition of anemia can bring the issues of shortness in breathing or feeling exhausted. You can balance the iron content in your body by taking a healthy diet plan treatment of those food items which are rich in iron amount.


Common signs of Anemia
Some of the common signs which can appear in your body due to iron deficiency are as mentioned below
Body weakness
Severe headache
Pale fingernails and skin
Inflamed tongue


Which Food items Have High Iron?
As compared to plants, a human body is able to absorb around 2-3 times extra iron from the animal sources. Few of the healthy animal sources which are high in iron content are as mentioned below:
Lean beef


Just like the animal sources, you can also acquire a healthy iron amount for your body through some sources of plants as well. Few of the common plant sources are listed below:
Baked potatoes
Pieces of bread
Whole grain


How you Can Improve Absorption of Iron From Food?
The total amount of iron that you are absorbing in your body will be depending on what food types you are consuming and how you are preparing them. Few food items which are rich in the Vitamin C content can assist you a lot to absorb more amount of iron. This will include capsicum, tomatoes, berries and oranges. You can even consume them in a form of raw texture or as a juice product or even in a form of supplements.


Basic Complications in Anemia Iron Deficiency:
Although there are no specific complications that have been so far reported due to iron deficiency! But still, if it is not treated at the right time then it can bring certain health issues on a severe level. Few of the common basic complications are as mentioned below:
It can cause certain heart issues where it can lead to irregular or rapid heartbeat. If your heart is not pumping the accurate amount of blood, then it can bring the condition of heart failure.


For the pregnant ladies, the condition of iron deficiency can bring the issues of premature births or it might be possible that the baby is under-weight.


Deficiency in iron can even cause complications of growth problems among infants. It can become a big hurdle between the bone development and growth of an infant.  Now read all about anemia in Urdu language.


Anemia Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Tips, Diet Plan (Urdu-English)


Anemia Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Tips, Diet Plan (Urdu-English)

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