Best Further Study Options After FSc Pre Medical & A-Level

Career Counseling-Best Alternative Options of MBBS & BDS in Pakistan 
There is a common conception and myth made in the society of Pakistan that only profession and field lines of engineering and medical sciences are the successful fields. But it is wrong! It happens most of the time that parents of Pakistani child, they put lot of pressure on their children to study only medicine or engineering. But this practise should be stopped now. Students should be given freedom to select their career and educational choices on their own. Here we will talk about the fact that if you does not want to continue your studies of Fsc pre medical or A-level studies then what further study options you can have! There is no point to get the title of doctor if you are not interested in this field. If your heart is not giving you permission to be in this field line of MBBS then what is the point of studying this field? Instead of doing MBBS, there are also plenty options opened for you. No one will call you a loser if you will not do and continue with your MBBS studies. You have other healthy educational choices as well. You just need to remain and keep strong in your decision.

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Best Further Study Options After FSc Pre Medical & A-Level

Alternative Degree Programs of MBBS After Doing A-Level And FSc Pre Medical

Suggestion of Doing Pharm-D, DPT, Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences DRS
If students of Fsc pre medical are not interested in doing with their MBBS or BDS studies then they can have option of studying Pharm-D or DPT studies. Option of doing bachelors in rehabiliation sciences is opened for Fsc pre medical students too. This pharmacy field is growing on massive scale and this industry has now become much bigger. Though scope of MBBS and BDS has their own worth but there is no harm if a students wants to become a physical therapist or a pharmacist.

Alternative Option of Studying Doctor of Optometry, DMLS Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences
We have another lucrative suggestion for these FSc pre medical students and it is option of doing bachelor studies of optometry or bachelor program studies of medical laboratory sciences. Need of medical laboratory scientists are growing on great scale. Though we are not denying and rejecting this fact that doctors and dentists demand will not ever get decreased but other medical science fields are also growing immensely.

Suggestion of Doing Studies of Medical Imaging Doctor or Studied of Doctor of Nutrition and Dietetics
This one is another lucrative and flexible study option for Fsc pre medical students to do bachelors in medical imaging or to do graduation in nutrition and dietetics if they do not want to hold the degree of MBBS or BDS.
All these are the most flexible and hence lucrative of all alternative study options if any students do not want to do MBBS or BDS studies after completing with his or her Fsc pre medical studies or A-level studies.


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