Broiler Chicken Myths, Side Effects, Reality & Benefits (Urdu & English)

Broiler Poultry Chicken Myths, Side Effects, Reality & Benefits in Urdu & English Languages
It is the belief of many people that broiler chicken is not good for our health. Many people have this myth in their minds that this broiler chicken is harmful for us but this is not the correct reality. Here we will share myths and reality regarding this broiler chicken. We know that on many of the platforms, this propaganda has been created that one should not consume broiler chicken because it put up disaster affect on human health system. So let us all clear out these myths and let us all jump on to the reality which this broiler chicken possess in it

Reality of Broiler Chicken
1-No hormones and steroids are used in the production of broiler chicken. If you had this belief that hormones and these steroids were mainly used in the production of broiler chicken then you are totally wrong. None of the induction of hormones and these steroids are incorporated during the production of broiler chicken. This practice is also observed all over the world.
2-This dose of hormones is harmful for any kind of chicken. That is why none of the poultry farms makes use of hormones during production processing of broiler chicken. Use of steroids are detrimental for the health of chicken as well. If any chicken will be injected with steroids then its weight will automatically get reduced. That is why these poultry and dairy farms do not inject steroids in broiler chicken.
3-In Pakistan, standard and level of broiler chicken is exactly the same likewise we have in US and Europe. For the information, no matter broiler chicken is produced in whatever country, its taste and standard will always remain the same.
4-It is scientifically proven that none of the hormone types can be injected in broiler chicken because they get automatically wasted once they reach to the digestive part of broiler chicken.

Benefits of Broiler Chicken
1-This broiler chicken has proteins in it. Because of proteins, joints of human gets improved. Your overall health gets improved and enhanced too. This broiler chicken has calcium and phosphorus in it. Because of these elements, your bones gets more strengthened.
2-There is an amino acid present in this broiler chicken and this amino acid can enhance your mood. It can make you all happy. If you will eat chicken then you will stay safe from heart issues. You will not be involved in heart problems and issues if you will have regular consumption of chicken.
3-Risk of cancer gets reduced. This broiler chicken has lots of vitamins in it, it is loaded with vitamin A and this vitamin A presence can improve your eyesight issue.
We hope that now you have understood the ground and firm reality of this broiler poultry chicken. If there are still any false myths in your mind regarding broiler poultry chicken then take then out. More benefits about chicken consumption will be shared with you. Get fresh and good in quality chicken for yourself and save yourself from heart and cancer related diseases.

Side Effects of Broiler Poultry 

Beef is much better than broiler chicken.

Bird flu is a fatal disease caused by broiler chicken.

There are still many myths about production of broiler chicken feed as there is not any active command and control system in this field.

Its growth is not like natural growth of chicken and its not a genetically strong and recommended for human health. This ad is from Pakistan Poultry association, not from PCSIR or any scientific research association. So use broiler chicken if you can not afford to buy desi chicken, meat, fish and beef.


Broiler Chicken Myths, Side Effects, Reality & Benefits (Urdu & English)

Broiler Chicken Myths, Reality & Benefits (Urdu & English)


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