How Much Money You Can Earn With Careem in Pakistan, Tips For High Earning

Earn Money-How Much Can One Earn From Careem Service in Pakistan, Super Tips For Increasing IncomeĀ 
Careem has become the most popular online cab service provider company in Pakistan. Its fare is very less than regular taxis in Pakistan. Thousands of people are earning money through Careem in Pakistan. This service has brought very positive change in the lives of educated unemployed youth of Pakistan. You may also join the club of these lucky persons who have come out of the unemployment with the help of Careem.


How Much Money You Can Earn with Careem in Pakistan, Tips For High Earning

How Much Money You Can Earn With Careem in Pakistan, Tips For High Earning

Sky is the limit for your earning while working with Careem. You will get 80% of total fare and 20% will go to the company. Special bonuses will also be given to you on the basis of your weekly and monthly rides. Your income depends upon your vehicle type, its mileage capacity and your time which you will give for rides.

You may also earn money as driver rather than a captain. In this case you can earn up to 20000 to 30000 rupees monthly. If you have your own vehicle then your income will be between RS. 40000 to Rs.100000. If you will hire the services of a driver than minus the amount of his salary from this above given estimate. It is highly recommended for you to drive your car/bike/rickshaw yourself for earning more profit. Drivers will not take care of your vehicle as you will. If you have more than 1 vehicle then you can give one to a responsible driver. Uber is the best alternative of Careem in Pakistan.

Idea About Daily Income With Careem in Pakistan
You can earn average 1500 rupees approximately with 5 daily rides. With 12 daily rides you can earn up to 3500 rupees. On motorbike you can earn up to 1000 rupees with 8 daily rides.

Tips For Making Money With CareemĀ 
1-Fuel consumption of your vehicle should be as minimum as possible so keep it fit always.
2-Give maximum time for your drives for winning bonuses.
3-Take the drives as your hobby, it will not let you exhaust earlier.
4-AC and heater of your car should be in working condition and your seat should also be very comfortable so that you may not get tired soon.
5-Try to add 600CC cars in Careem as these cars cover more distance in 1 litre petrol than 800CC or 1000CC cars.
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