Career Counseling About CGFNS Certification Program

Complete Career Counseling About CGFNS, Introduction, Importance, Fees, Types & Requirements 
Note that this CGFNS stands for Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools. If you have graduated from any nursing school, be it the nursing school located in Pakistan and you want to have your nursing practice in U.S then it is important for you to get a certification from CGFNS. They have this certification program at their end and according to this program, all of the graduates who are from nursing schools which are located outside the premises of United States of America, like we have country Pakistan and these graduates are showing interest to have their nursing practice right as registered nurse in U.S. then it is all compulsory for them to get in touch with CGFNS.

Career Counseling About CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools)

Career Counseling About CGFNS Certification Program (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools)

Importance of CGFNS Certification Program
This test is used to measure and assess nursing knowledge of applicants. In this test, you need to qualify on all of the traditional clinical areas which are linked with nursing practice. Areas like that of nursing care of the adult and nursing care of children as well as maternal nursing and psychiatric health nursing, community health nursing, you will be judged on all of these areas.

Types of Questions in CGFNS Certification Program
You will have multiple-choice items and questions and you should be giving and attempting just one and single correct answer of each single question. Some of the multiple-choice questions will come in the form of a picture or in the form of a graph. Then in these third type of multiple type questions, note that one or more of the options might be correct.

Fees For CGFNS Certification Program
Regarding details of application fee, it is US$ 295.00 in the case if you are submitting ew application. And you need to pay US$ 250.00 if you are applying on the re-application basis.

Important Requirements Regarding CGFNS Certification Program
1-You should be properly completing your CGFNS application form.
2-You should be sending a clear copy and set of your high school diploma.
3-You will too be sending three signed pictures of yourself.
4-You can note this important information that after completing this CGFNS certification program on the successful basis and terms, you will come out as a registered nurse and then you can freely work in the premises of United States of America. With the help of this certification program, you will get a license that you now acting as a registered nurse. In U.S, salary range of nurses is from US$ 16.00 to the amount of US$ 25.00 on a per hour basis. It too depends on your overall experience and too skills. More you are skilled and experienced in nursing field, more salary you will get. All in all, nurses in U.S can work for the minimum time frame of 40 hours on a per week basis.

Just keep in touch with us and more comprehensive information on CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) certification program will be given to you. You may read career counseling articles on Haad, Moh, Plab & UMLE tests on our portal.

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