Career Counseling About MOH Exam, Introduction, Eligibility & Syllabus

Career Counseling About MOH Examination, Introduction, Eligibility Criteria, Syllabus & Important DetailsĀ 
This MOH exam test is conducted by Ministry of health-UAE. It is an examination test to evaluate and assess general practitioners, doctors. Here we will give you complete guide about this MOH exam test. If any one of you wants to have his or her medical practice to be continued in UAE then it is important for them that they should appear and sit for this MOH exam test. Below are complete details and complete guide about this MOH exam.

Career Counseling About MOH Exam, Introduction, Eligibility & Syllabus

Career Counseling About MOH Exam, Introduction, Eligibility & Syllabus

Eligibility Criteria to Sit For General Practitioner Examination Test
To sit and appear for GP exam, it is important for you that your certificates should be granted by recognized universities.
You need to attest your educational qualification certificates and also your experience certificates from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your home country.
To appear in this exam, you need to have the basic medicine degree from some recognized university.
You should show a Good Standing Certificate from some responsible Health Authority.
If you have not continued your practiCe for a time frame of 2 years then you cannot apply in this Ministry of Health exam.
You will sit for online exam. Note that in this MOH exam, there will no oral exam.

Eligibility Criteria to Appear for Specialist Doctors Examination Test
For this exam test, you should have a masters degree, PhD degree. If you have done post graduate diploma then you should have a 3 years of experience as well after completing your diploma studies.
If you are not meeting eligibility conditions then you can sit for GP Examination. If you are one of the physicians and you have been discontinued from your clinical practice for more than a time frame of two years then you are not eligible to apply in this MOH test.
To appear in this test, you should have 3 years of experience right after completing your postgraduate qualification. You will get three chances for this exam. To get a fourth chance, you need to take a gap of one year.
All of your experience certificates should be attested and they should be in authenticated form along with approved seals.

Other Important Details About MOH Exam
This test should be undertaken by doctors who wants to have their medical practice in United Arab Emirates. You will sit for separate exam test if you want to have your practice as a medical practitioner, general practitioner or as a nurse.

Syllabus For MOH Exam
One should note that there is no as such particular syllabus to prepare for this exam test. This exam test is conducted for two times in a year. First you will appear in its written exam, then you will appear for practical and finally you will sit for viva stage.

If Ministry of health-UAE will give more of the guidelines about MOH exam then we will share that with you. So if you have completed your MBBS studies and you want your practice in UAE then sit for this MOH exam test in the first go. Haad exam details are also available on our website.

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