Career Counseling About PLAB Test

Complete Guidance About PLAB Exam
This PLAB test is a professional and linguistic assessment board exam test. This test is conducted by General medical council GMC of United Kingdom. This test is being commenced so that professional doctors can be given valid permission to have their medical practice in United Kingdom. All of the overseas doctors, it is important for them to sit for this PLAB test. If you want to carry out with yours medical work practice then first you need to get a valid certificate from GMC.

Career Counseling About PLAB Test

Career Counseling About PLAB Test

Format of PLAB Test
This test is being undertaken so that any of the candidate medical knowledge can be assessed. You will be judged on your communication skills and on your clinical skills. To pass in this test, you should work on your concepts, specialties. You need to familiarize yourself with the format and pattern of this PLAB exam. You should avoid memorizing the past questions.

Structure of PLAB Test
Part 1 of this test is right there conducted and commenced in UK and in other countries as well that includes Pakistan as well. In this part 1, you will get 200 questions. These are EMQ questions which are termed as extended matching questions. This part 1 has duration of 3 hours. Then this part 1 will consist of questions based on the format of Single Best Answer SBA. 30% of questions will be SBA based. In this subjected part 1 of PLAB test, you need to prepare topics related to clinical problems, science problems. In extended matching questions, you will be given and provided with lost of options. You just need to select a suitable and appropriate option.

Structure of Single Best Answer
In terms of SBA questions, you will be given one mark for each correct response of yours. If you will give an incorrect answer then no mark will be deducted. You will be entering your responses on some special answer sheets and these answer sheets will all be read by optical mark reader.

Part 2 of PLAB Test
This part 2 of PLAB test is only and just available in UK. This part is available in form of Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). In this part 2, you will be assessed and marked on your clinical skills and too on your communication skills. You will be given 14 clinical scenarios and each of the scenario will last for the time frame of five minutes. Once you will pass your part 1 exam then it must for you to pass this part 2 stage within 3 years time frame.

Re-Attempting PLAB Test
To re-appear in part 1, you can be given unlimited number of attempts. If you have been failed severely then you can only re-appear in this part 1 stage after taking time gap of least four months.
If you get failed in part 2 stage then you need to re-submit your application form so that you can appear in part 2 stage of PLAB test. If you will also be failed in your fourth attempt then you need to re-sit for IELTS test and you also need to appear in both of the parts of PLAB test. You may read Haad & Moh tests details too on

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