Career Counseling About Scope of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

All About Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Subjects, Eligibility, Scope, Jobs, Career, Further Study Options 
This degree of BBA stands for bachelor in business administration. This degree is the most comprehensive degree. If you will have your bachelor in business administration field line then it will be completed in the time frame of 4 years. This degree comprise of total 8 semesters. In this degree, you learn about principles and basics of management, HR, marketing, accounts and finance. This degree consist of compulsory courses, general courses. In your seven semesters, you will learn from these compulsory and general courses, you will be offered minor and major course subjects and then in the last semester, you will complete your specialization. It depends on the student that whether he wants to have his specialization in HR subject or in accounting and finance subject or in the subject of marketing. Students with more than 60% marks in intermediate can apply for admission in BBA after clearing the admission test.

Career Counseling About Scope of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Career Counseling About Scope of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

What you Will Learn From Degree of BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration)?
If one will get admission in this degree program of bachelor in business administration then he will learn a lot about the market trends. You will understand about the basic of business dynamics. This degree is for those students who wants to persue a career in business field line. If you want to become a successful business person, if you want to a big name in field of marketing, if you want to become successful in field of accounting and finance then it is important for you to get a degree in bachelor in business administration. This degree will give you valid permission to make an entry into the field line of business. After completing your BBA degree, you can then have your MBA. Students can either do regular MBA or they can do professional MBA which is also known executive MBA.

Importance of Degree of Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
Through this degree of bachelor in business administration, a student can polish his communication skills, decision making skills as well as porject communication skills. In this BBA degree, certain subjects and courses are offered which are related to business communication, report writing, business report writing and through these courses, you learn much about communication. By enhancing your communication skills, you learn about the facts that how you should deal in the professional and corporate world.

Subjects Offered in Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) Degree Program
If one will opt this degree program then he or she will be able to learn about different set o courses and subjects that will be fruitful for him in the long run. List of those subjects which are offered in this BBA are mentioned below:

Introduction to business, basic level of financial accounting, principles of management, business communication, data base management system, cost accounting, principles of marketing, visual programming concept, micro economics, advanced level of financial accounting, corporate law, macro economics, credit management, money and banking, mercantile law, web engineering, managerial accounting, financial analysis, taxation management, e-commerce.

Job Offered After Completing Bachelor in Business Administration BBA Degree
So once you will have this BBA degree of yours, you can have variety of jobs for yourself. Below is the list of few job types which one of the BBA graduating student can opt if he or she has done with this BBA degree program:

Marketing consultant, financial consultant, business consultant, financial adviser, credit officer, lecturer, HR manager, sales executive and purchasing manager.

Further Study Options After BBA 






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