Career Counseling About Scope of LLB, Tips About Legal Profession

Career Counseling About Scope of LLB in Pakistan, Eligibility, Jobs Further Study Options & Super Tips
At present there are 2 kinds of LLB degrees are available in Pakistan i.e 3 year LLB degree after graduation and 5 years BA LLB degree after intermediate. Majority of students prefer 3 years LLB program. But if you want to make your career in legal field then go for 5 years BA-LLB program for in depth knowledge of law. If you want to join judiciary then this BA-LLB degree should be your first choice.

Career Counseling About Scope of LLB, Tips About Legal Profession


Career Counseling About Scope of LLB, Tips About Legal Profession

Scope of LLB Degree in Pakistan

After LLB you may apply for becoming legal inspector, public prosecutor, civil judge and magistrate. You may also join legal branch of any government department and private company. Private practice is too a great option for you. If you have good communication skills and social contacts then sky is the limit for you in this field. Remember that our educational system is not ideal, You will have to learn many practical tips and tricks of legal practice in your first two years of practical practice. Work hard in these two years, this one time hard work will pay you in long run. If you do not have cases even then listen the arguments of other lawyers in the court. Participate in social activities and social websites like facebook and google plus.

You must appear in judiciary exams too after two years. No matter you are satisfied with your practice. Success in exam will boost your practice and practice too. Majority of LLB students appear in MA political science exam in Pakistan. It not a right decision as you must go for LLM first then you may go for MA too. LLM will add a star in your profile, you will get an edge on all other candidates for any government and private job of your field. You may also be able to join any law college as lecturer. PGD in the field of your interest is also a good further study option for you after LLB. Here is the list of most recommended PGD courses offered by Punjab University.

Diploma in International Trade Law (W.T.O)
Diploma in Taxation Law
Diploma in Labour Laws
Diploma in Intellectual Property Law
Diploma in Environmental Law
Diploma in Banking Law
Diploma in Corporate Law Practice

If you are a pessimistic, under confident or introvert person then LLB is not a right degree for you. After LLB now bar councils take any entry test for granting permission of legal practice. We shall soon publish practice material for this entry test on our website.

Top Ten Super Tips After Completing LLB Degree
1-During the initial two years practice go for all round practice.
2-Start your practice from session court rather from district court.
3-Join a renowned chamber as a junior lawyer.
4-Spend your spare time more in library rather than in cafeteria or bar room.
5-Do not take active part in bar politics during your struggling time. After getting some economical stability you may participate in politics with a clear aim and road map in mind.
6-Avail opportunity of teaching in any law college even without any salary on honorary basis.
7-Don’t miss even a single opportunity of finding a legal advisory or legal job. Even in case of failure you will learn a lot for future recruitment tests.
8-Write legal articles for print media and bar journals.
9-Only practice can make you perfect in legal field so in start your emphasize should be on appearing in maximum cases of different kinds rather than of fees.
10-Type your case yourself in start as pleading and drafting are the most important but at the same time most neglected areas by youngsters. Its all from us on career counseling about scope of LLB degree.

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