Career Counseling About USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination)

Career Counseling About USMLE Test (United States Medical Licensing Examination) Introduction, Stages, Test Centers in Pakistan & Passing Score
This USMLE¬†exam stands for United States Medical Licensing Examination test. This test is used to assess and evaluate physician’s ability, knowledge as well as his concepts. This test is mainly divided into three sections and parts. If you want to get this medical license then it is must for you to pass all of the stages of this USMLE exam. When it comes to the step 1 and step 2 of this USMLE then they can be processed and taken in any of the test centres which are present worldwide. On the other hand, for third and last stage, you need to come to United States.

Career Counseling About USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination)

Career Counseling About USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination)

Stages in USMLE Test
1-In stage 1, you will be assessed on all of the important concepts which are linked with sciences. You will be evaluated on the principles and too on the mechanisms linked with human health and human diseases, questions about modes of therapy will come in this stage 1. In this stage 1 of USMLE, you will be getting about 350 multiple-choice test items and these MCQs are all divided into seven 60-minute blocks.

2-Then in stage 2 of this USMLE, your clinical knowledge will be judged. This stage will be evaluating you on the basis of factor that whether you can apply this medical knowledge and whether you have the complete understanding of this field of clinical science. In this stage 2, you will be provided with 370 multiple-choice test kind of items. With respect to judge your clinical skills, you will have an encounter with 11-12 standardized patients. You will only get 15 minutes to have an interview session with these standardized patients and then you will get 10 minutes to get done with the recording of history as well as physical findings.

3-In the last stage which is stage 3 of this USMLE test, you will be assessed that whether you can apply this medical knowledge of your and medical understanding of yours right in ambulatory settings. It will be your final assessment . This stage 3 consist of 480 multiple-choice test items. You will get about 45 to 60 minutes so that you can complete each of the block.

Passing Score in USMLE Exam
You need to have the correct answering up to the percentage of 60-70%.

Test Centre of USMLE Test in Pakistan
To sit for this USMLE test, note that step 1 as well as step 2, they can be administered at any of the Prometric test centers at the worldwide level. These Prometric’s test centers have been grouped into the form of distinct kind of testing regions. Right within each region, this Prometric has its own central office which is called with the name of Regional Registration Center.
It is a computer-based test. To appear for clinical skills evaluation, you can be at the regional test centers which are located in Atlanta and Chicago as well as in Houston and Los Angeles.
So to have your medical practice in USA, first you have to clear and pass this United States Medical Licensing Examination test. You will also like to read details about PLAB, Moh & Haad tests.

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