Career Counseling for Becoming a Voiceover Artist in 2020, Job Options, Scope

All About Becoming a Voiceover Artist in Pakistan-Guide For Beginners in English & Urdu Languages
Right into this blog guide we will be having a quick discussion about what the profession of voiceover artist is all about and how much salary you can make out of it. Here guidance and super tips will be given both in Urdu and English languages for becoming a top voiceover artist in Pakistan. For many people voiceover artist play the role of a off-stage commentary expert as well. You can even call them as off-camera experts too because they are all the time standing behind the camera on speaker, voice recorder or studio.



They are not visible in front of the camera because their main duty starts when they are behind the camera lens and are giving their voices without showing their faces. You can check out the voice over artist in various fields such as animated movies background voices, radio channels, or as the news reader and even for the promotions of the brand advertisements too.



Expected Income of Voiceover Artist in Pakistan
For moving into the field of being the voiceover artist, the first question which hit so many minds is that what salary can be earned. Although this field has been a lot backward as compared to rest of the fields of TV and entertainment due to the lack of tools and system machinery. If you are moving in this profession for the first time, then you can make the earning of 1000-2000PKR for one task.



For the professional or the experienced category of voice over artist, the approximate earning can be 10 thousands rupees for 1 task. You may also get monthly income of 20000 to 100000 rupees after getting a permanent job. Freelancers earn lot more than normal voice artists. Start freelancing from Fiverr and then join and Upwork too. There are other freelancing platforms are also available. Through freelancing you can earn in dollars. Income will depend upon your expertise and skills. You can also earn a lot of money online by launching a youtube channel. Just recognize an area of your interest and start your own youtube channel and earn money online by monetization.



Job Options For Voiceover Artists
Your job of being the voiceover artist is not just limited to the voice delivery by staying behind the camera. You can even move into so many more fields as well because this profession has a vast exposure. You can make your way as an expert in the TV channels or can even get yourself connected with the radio channels too. You do have an option in which you can choose to move into the production studios, theater plays or the cinema houses.



Golden Tips For New Voice Artists or Narrator
For becoming a professional expert in this field of voiceover artist, the main skill should be seen in your voice. You should have a strong and clear voice so it can reach to the audience on a better scale. You should be have a quick and stronger command on the languages of English as well as Urdu. Regular daily practice and strong observation can make you successful in this field. Breathing exercises can polish your skills a lot. Follow top 10 voiceover artists so that you may learn from their work. Create audio books for websites and even for youtube. Join the groups of voice actors on LinkedIn and facebook.



Role of Voice Studio
The whole work and services of the voiceover artist is performed through the voice studio which is most importantly designed for the voice recording. This studio accompanies all the sound machinery and tools which can bring a magical touch in the voice of the artist. If any company is newly established and they do not have a recording studio, then they normally prefer hiring the artists who can record their voices and send them back to them so it can definitely save much of their time and so as the expenses. Remember that in the start you just need a good voice recorder or smart phone having various features of sound recording. Now read the career counseling article on voiceover artist in Urdu language;


Career Counseling for Becoming a Voiceover Artist in 2020, Job Options, Scope

Career Counseling for Becoming a Voiceover Artist in 2020, Job Options, Scope

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