Career Counseling Tips For Arts Students After Matric & O-Level in Pakistan, Tips

Career Counseling Smart Tips For Arts Students After Matric & O-Level in Pakistan About Scope of Subjects in HSSC
So what can be the better career options for these matric and O-level students? We can guide you in this area. Here we will share some career counseling tips with you. These career counseling tips can help you greatly. If you have done your matriculation in science subjects or if you have done yours matric studies in arts subjects then make sure that you do stick with your subject line. It is better to do your intermediate studies or your A-level studies in same subjects and courses which you have studied in your matric and O-level degree programs.

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Career Counseling Tips For Arts Students After Matric & O-Level in Pakistan

Career Counseling Tips For Matric Art Group Students
For matric students who have studied arts subjects in their degree program, they should go for arts and humanities subjects in their inter degree program. They can choose these subjects like geography, civics, English literature, Urdu literature, history, physical education, education in general, these are arts subjects which should normally be opted by matric students who have arts background. These arts group matric students, they can even opt subject of psychology, political science in their inter studies. More they will remain to stick and adhere with their subject lines, better it will be for their bachelor and graduation studies.

Career Counseling Tips For Matric Science Group Students
For science group matric students, it is better to opt medicine field or engineering field. Like if you have studied biology then you can either do MBBS or BDS or you can also have your Bsc in other medicine and science subjects. You can do BSc in nutrition, BSc in bio technology, BSc in bio engineering, BSc in genetic engineering. For students who have studied computer in their matric time, they can go for computer science subjects, engineering subjects in their inter and graduation studies time.

Recommended Arts Group For Intermediate Students
If your group during matriculation studies was arts group then you should go for general science group in intermediate. This general science group comprise of maths, stats and economics subjects. It is the most recommended and suggested arts group for these matric students who have previously studied arts subjects in their 9th and 10th class.

Career And Scope Of Different Subjects Offered in FA Degree Program
You can choose economics subject for yourself if you want to become an economist in your professional life. Selecting mathematics subjects in your inter will make your way easier to get Msc degree in mathematics. Subjects like psychology, computer science, stats, history, civics as well as fine arts and home economics, they have wide scope in their own set of professional lines.

Why To Do I.Com?
After completing your matric or O-level studies, you can have your Icom studies as well. It is one of the comprehensive studies. You can further prolong this degree program to these BCom and MCom degree programs.

Is D.Com a Good Option For You?
Yes D.Com has great scope for those students who want to get a job immediately after intermediate. We have written a detailed career counseling article on scope of D.Com. You must read it too.

Ideal Subjects For Females in FA 
Education, Islamic Studies, Urdu, English Literature, History, Computer Science, Math Psychology, Fine Arts, Home Economics and even Economics are some ideal subjects for girls in FA.

Why Students Should Go For ICS Degree Program?
There is this another option left for matric and O-level students and it is doing the studies of ICS. It is a comprehensive field related to computer science engineering.

Career Counseling Smart Tips 
1-Never opt scoring subjects like Punjabi, Persian etc

2-Always try to opt maximum professional and vocational subjects.

3-Listen the voice of your inner self. Opt subjects as per your aptitude and taste.

4-Opt those subjects in which you can get MSc degree in future like economics, psychology, math etc.

5-If you are interested in competitive exam like PMS or CSS then opt those subjects which can be helpful for you in future in these exams. Contact our career counseling team for guidance in this regard.  If you are happy to read our this career counseling article then visit and like our facebook page too.

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