Career & Scope of Political Science in Pakistan-Tips in Urdu & English

All About Scope of Political Science in Pakistan-Read Career Counseling Guide in English & Urdu
If you have done a major in Political Science majors, then we are sure that you have the knowledge that how laws are being made and how these comparative structures and laws of governments are being implemented across the world. These professionals know the formulation of public policies and they are aware that how these policies impact the economic status as well as social status of their country. Here this page will tell you about the career and scope of Political Science in Pakistan.

As a Political Scientist Or Policy Analyst
Career as a policy analyst or as a political scientist, it is great for Political Science major professionals. In this position, you will generate and make public policies and you will also keep in mind the implications while implementing these policies. These policy analysts have to rely on the critical thinking elements. They work on their writing skills and research skills. They formulate statements for making a public policy.

As a Lobbyist
If you will work as a lobbyist then your job will be to meet with the members of assembly and with the members of the Parliament. You will take part in the discussions regarding the compilation of legislation..

As a Political Campaign Manager
Career as a political campaign manager, they are opened for these Political Science major professionals. In this position, your duty will be to promote all of the aspects of the political party. You shall work for the national elections or for the local elections for your designated party. You will be hiring and supervising and too delegating the campaign tasks. Working as a political campaign manager, that means you will completely analyze the political polls and you will too organize the election campaign strategy. In this strategy, you will do the communications and PR, you will do the fund raising and marketing of election campaign.

As a Political Consultant Or Legislative Assistant
You can serve as political consultants or you can work as legislative assistants. It is these assistants who tap up their writing skills and verbal skills. These assistants co-ordinate the stages of communication.

As a PR Specialist
There are business career options which you can opt, like you can work as international business specialist if you have the major degree in Political Science subject. In this job, you have to identify all issues and you will handle them by defending and safeguarding the interests of your company. The job as a market researcher is opened and in this job you will collect the information about your company services and will be assessing them for further research. Working as a PR specialist is suitable as well. In this position, you will attract the public and take their attention towards your company. You will be issuing press releases.

Other options which can be opted by Political Science degree holders, it is to become an investigative journalism or to become a political commentator. You can become a legal assistant or a paralegal professional too.

Career & Scope of Political Science in Pakistan-Tips in Urdu & English

Career & Scope of Political Science in Pakistan-Tips in Urdu & English

Career & Scope of Political Science in Pakistan-Tips in Urdu & English

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