Career & Scope of Urban Engineering in Pakistan (Urdu-English)

Career & Scope of Urban Engineering Field in Pakistan-Career Counseling Tips in Urdu & English
Here we will give you the information on the career and scope of urban engineering, so let us check out the information. This field is the part of civil engineering and this field is slowly and gradually taking the attention of students. If you wants to do your graduate study in this field, then here is the further information for you.

Situation of Pakistan Universities And Their Trend of Introducing Urban Engineering Program
In Pakistan universities, we have seen so far the limited scope of this urban engineering degree program. Limited number of universities give the deserving attention to this program. Though at the worldwide level and in the foreign and international universities, we have seen huge scope of this program and we hope that same deserving worth and value will be given to this discipline.

Higher Education Commission Stats With Regard to Urban Engineering Discipline
These stats are given by the higher education commission of Pakistan that we have 182 universities working in Pakistan and every year, 14 lakh students complete their graduation from these universities. These graduates mostly belong to the fields of human resources and social sciences or to the groups of humanities. And just 381 graduates belong to the field of urban engineering. 569 students take admission on an average basis in this CRP program which is city and regional planning. So there is a need that more and more students take admission in urban engineering program and more diversity and more courses, pack of graduate and post graduate programs should be introduced in this field.

Internship Opportunities
If you have your degree in the discipline of urban engineering, then you can get internship opportunities in Nespak, Paragon constructors, water division, national highway authority, Port Qasim authority.

Scope of Urban Engineering
If you will realize then you will came to know that there is a great scope for this engineering discipline. You can become a construction engineer, your job will be to manage and handle the construction projects. You have to ensure that the projects are built in and constructed in accordance to the guidelines, plans as well as specifications. You can too become a geotechnical engineer, your job will be to build and construct the objects which are linked to streets and buildings, dams and runways. Your main focus will be on the construction of building structures.

Career Options in Urban Engineering
Those who have urban engineering degree in their hands, they can become structural engineers, it will be their duty to design and also to assess all of the major projects. You can opt the profession of a transportation engineer and your job will be to plan, design and also operate, maintain the everyday systems.

This is all about the urban engineering field, keep tuned with us and further info on other engineering disciplines will be given to you. Here are more details in Urdu about scope of urban engineering in Pakistan.

Career & Scope of Urban Engineering in Pakistan (Urdu-English)

Career & Scope of Urban Engineering in Pakistan (Urdu-English)

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