Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention Tips in Urdu & English Languages

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautionary Tips in English & Urdu Languages

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is basically known as the respiratory illness which can somehow spread from one person to another. According To the report issued by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention it has been stated that this virus will normally be taking place as due to the spread from one person to another on the basis of physical contact with which the viruses can be infected. It has been categorized into the mild to the severe issues of the respiratory illness with some of the basic symptoms in which we have fever, as well as cough, and shortness of breath. When we talk about the rare cases, then it can cause the issues of organ failure and pneumonia.


What are the early signs of coronavirus?
Some of the early signs of coronavirus are as mentioned below:
dry cough.
shortness of breath
aches and pains
sore throat
diarrhea, nausea or a runny nose


How you should wash hands in coronavirus?
You need to be so much careful about the hand washing which is one of the most important and needed precautions to stay safe from the coronavirus. You should be always washing your hands by using the hand sanitizer which is a lot effective to kill the bacteria and all sorts of germs from your hands. It can prevent you to keep yourself away from the germs of the coronavirus ailment.


How you can keep your office protected?
Now the main question is that how the office going people can keep themselves protected against this ailment. Well its better solution is to clean all the items around you before you start using it. You should not be holding or using anything for no reason because the germs of this virus can also be transferred through the touch. You should constantly wear a mask and hand gloved while you are in office working hours.


How to stay safe outside?
While you are walking out from your house you should not be missing out wearing the mask and covering your hands from the gloves. Not just from traveling outside even during the time when you are walking from one place to another. You should not be traveling unnecessary when it is not required. Staying back at home is the best precautionary measure to perform.


How you should select good mask for face covering?
Most of the people make the wrong choice of the face mask for covering their face. There is a special way of covering the mask to let the virus not entering towards your mouth. Make sure that the mask which you are buying is made from the high-quality and it has to be made from cotton material. Some of the masks are surgical based as well. You have to wear this mask every single time you are moving out from your house or traveling at some other destination or even if you are on some international flights. Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention tips in Urdu has been given below;


Coronavirus in Pakistan-Facts, Signs, Precautions, Diagnosis & Treatment


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention Tips in Urdu & English Languages

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention Tips in Urdu & English Languages


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention Tips in Urdu & English Languages

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