Current Affairs of Pakistan 2020 Online Test, Top 30 MCQs

Current Affairs of Pakistan 2020 Online Quiz, Solved MCQs
Pakistan is now days in the lime light of world’s history. It has become the center of activities of super powers. CPEC is the key to success for OBOR project and OBOR is a new world order by China. USA, India, Iran, UAE, Singapore and many western states are trying their best to fail CPEC project at any cost. Whereas China and Russia are supporting Pakistan. Intelligence agencies of almost 50 countries are operating in Pakistan. Lot of new events are happening here every day.


Current Affairs of Pakistan Online Test, MCQs

Current Affairs of Pakistan 2020 Online Test, Top 30 MCQs

You need to be updated about current affairs of Pakistan 2020 if you are serious candidate of CSS, PMS or PCS exams. We are here to guide you in this regard. has already published a online current affairs quiz. Here is the link of that post.


Online Current Affairs Quiz-Top 30 MCQs For Competitive Exams



Now we are going to guide you about current affairs of Pakistan. You are now on our first current affairs of Pakistan online quiz. There are total 30 MCQs in our this current affairs of Pakistan 2020 online test. This multiple choice questions (MCQs) in this current affairs Pakistan 2020 quiz will be changed in near future and MCQs about latest happening will be included in the test.

1. Which province of Pakistan has now two teams in PSL?


2. Pakistan is importing LPG from ______?


3. Who is the current DG ISPR?


4. First coal power plant in Punjab is working in which city?


5. General Headquarter of Pakistan Army is being shifted to ________?


6. Dolphin force has been established in which province?


7. Federal Minister __________ brought army boot in live talk show of ARY News.


8. Kartarpur Corridor was constructed in the district of _________.


9. Maryam Nawaz is the _______ of PML (N).


10. How many road and rail routes are there in CPEC?


11. Ehsan Mani is the current chairman of __________.


12. Grand Jamia Mosque Karachi is the ________ largest mosque in the world.


13. Who is Defence Minister of Pakistan in PTI government?


14. Federal Minister _________ has personally beaten the famous journalists Sami Ibrahim and Mubashar Luqman.


15. Name of which ex Prime Minister of Pakistan is included in Paradise leaks?


16. As per __________ doctrine India’s conventional army will try to capture key installations of Pakistan quickly in order to prevent a nuclear retaliation from Pakistan in case of a war.


17. Justice Gulzar Ahmad is the Chief Justice of ________?


18. Tactical Nuclear Weapons of Pakistan are best reply to Indian _______?


19. Daughter of Sanam Bhutto _________ has joined modeling.


20. _____________ has been appointed as chairman of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Authority (CPECA).


21. PTI is facing _______ case in election commission of Pakistan?


22. Huge resources of ________ have been discovered in Chiniot district?


23. India can not use atomic bomb against Pakistan now. Explain why?


24. Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) has become the part of __________?


25. BLA is involved in terrorist activities in _________ province?


26. Syed Mustafa Kamal is the founder and chairman of ___________ party.


27. Green Line bus service is being constructed in ______?


28. PCB has decided to organize ____ matches of PSL in Pakistan.


29. PMDC is now called _______?


30. People of Hazara are demanding the status of _________ for their area?


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