General Knowledge About Data Science in English & Urdu

Tech News-General Knowledge (GK) About Data Science in English & Urdu LanguagesĀ 
The need to understand the concept of data science is rising day by day. Here are the facts on general knowledge about data science in English & urdu. Now every other single person, he is surrounded by data, numbers, facts, figures. He fails to manage this whole data and gets fail too utilize this data. At times, for some of the individuals it is getting a stressful situation that how these oceans of data will be managed by them! That is why the concept of data science is introduced.

Speed of Data in The Present Times
First the most interesting facts are shared that what is the current speed of data in the present times. You will be shocked to see these current figures that Twitter gets 8026 tweets on every single one second, it is true!

Another shocking figure we have for you, every single second we see more than 843 photo posts on social media platform which is Instagram. Then Skype figures are also amazing. People use its calling for 3122 times on a single second basis.

The usage of internet on every second times, it is pretty amazing too. Almost 56443 GB of internet is being used when a single second gets passed.

Google searches reach to 66791 in their numbers and Youtube videos views reach to 73698 in their numbers on a per second time frame basis.

The Current Capacity of Date Storage Centres As Said by Experts
There are may researches taking place and researches are estimating and making an approximate guesses that how much data can be sufficiently stored in the present data storage centres.
By 2018 2018, the capacity of data storage centres, it is 1450 HB. The arrival of 2020 will make this storage capacity to reach to figures of 44800 HB.

Researches have explained that it is not possible to store this data from A to Z in books form. It will take lot of space and it is assumed that books will take the space equal to the geographical area of China.

For your information, this whole data is mainly stored in these computer systems in kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes form. Now more advancement has taken place and data is stored in the capacity measurements form of tetrabytes and pentabytes as well as in hexabytes. Do you know that just one hexabyte has its equal capacity to one billion gigabytes!

Experts have stated the similar belief that this A to Z data cannot be stored and saved in these CDs. Otherwise these CDs will reach to moon heights. More options of storing data should come up because Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, all these sources compile data of all of their users.

Datally App Introduced by Google
This Datally app is launched by Google. With this app, the person can get a clear understanding that how data should be balanced in his smartphone.
This Datally app is now available on all and worldwide level Google playstore.
Let us see what else data science will put forth concepts for us, stay tuned.

General Knowledge About Data Science in English & Urdu

General Knowledge About Data Science in English & Urdu

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