Emotional Intelligence Test-Check Your EQ Level Online, EI Quiz

Emotional Intelligence (EI) Online Test- Evaluate The Level of Your Emotional Quotient (EQ MCQs)
Emotional intelligence (EI) is more important than IQ level for facing the emergency situations in our life. Majority of our youth has no idea about importance of EQ. They even do not know that what it is all about. A person with higher IQ level may also fail to face crisis situations amicably. One must have both good IQ leve and EQ level for having a balanced personality. There is no source in Pakistan to check EQ level online. It is not an easy job to develop an online test for checking the EQ level, Only professional psychologist can develop such a quiz. We have a team of professionals from different fields of life including psychology that’s why we have prepared this online emotional intelligence test for you. Now you can easily check your emotional intelligence (EI) online. Answer the given MCQs and evaluate the level of your emotional intelligence (EI) in 10 minutes. just 20 MCQs are there in this emotional intelligence online quiz. You need to complete the EI online quiz within 20 minutes maximum. Follow the time limit.

Emotional Intelligence Test-Check Your EQ Level Online, EI Qui

Emotional Intelligence Test-Check Your EQ Level Online, EI Quiz

If your EQ level is not very high then visit us regularly as soon we shall also guide you that how you can improve your EQ level for mental stability and stiffness.

Our team is striving to publish more intelligence tests of various kinds on justtest.pk. Soon you will see lot more unique online tests on different topics. We can develop online quizzes on your demand too. Use the comment box given at the end of this page for contacting our team. Now the time has come to check your emotional intelligence online. Take the emotional quotient test and share your experience with us and others. If you are impressed by the standard of this emotional intelligence online test then kindly visit and like our facebook page too. Always remain happy, stay blessed.

1. What will be your reaction on abusive language of your better half?


2. What will you do if suddenly fire spread in your college?


3. If you reach on a street crime scene, what will you do first of all?


4. How you will react on harsh attitude of your section in charge?


5. How you will tackle with a unexperienced junior?


6. How do you deal with stress?


7. How you will react on poor ACR or annual appraisal against you by your immediate boss?


8. How do you think generally in a critical situation?


9. What will be your response in case of sudden audit of your section of company?


10. Do you believe on love in first sight?


11. How you will tackle a sudden pressure situation at your work place?


12. If you are fired from the company, what will you do then?


13. Guess your personality traits?


14. How working atmosphere affect you?


15. Have you control over your anger?


16. What kind of nature you have?


17. How will you tackle criticism?


18. In case of sudden break failure what will you do first of all.


19. How do you respond on feedback from your clients?


20. What will be your reaction on out of course paper in annual exam?


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