English Tenses Online Quiz-MCQs & Solved Exercise For Beginners

English Grammar Tenses Online Test, Solved Multiple Choice Questions MCQs
Urdu is our national language but unfortunately even after 70 year of independence, still English is our official language. If you a serious with your future career then you will have to get command over English tenses and grammar. Its very easy to have a command over English language, you just need to concentrate a bit. Learn the language with natural manner. You should speak and write it daily. Remember when you think that doing some thing is difficult your subconscious mind makes it more difficult for you. Train your subconscious mind that you can learn any thing easily. Believe me it will make everything easy for you.

English Tenses

English Tenses Online Quiz-MCQs & Solved Exercise For Beginners

On this page we have given our first online test on English grammar tenses. Its just a beginning, as we are developing lot more such online quizzes for those who want to learn English language quickly. If you will remain in touch with our site, then soon you will be able to write creatively. We use simple language in our posts too, so that our average reader feel no difficulty in understanding the main theme and message of our posts.

We are team of professionals from all fields of life e.g our team is consist of doctors, engineers, professors, educationalists, gazetted government officers, journalists, lawyers, bankers, economists, NGO activists, subject specialists and Principal of officer academy. This team is working day and night for developing very interesting online quizzes on unique topics for you, This English tenses online quiz is for beginners as we have discussed just basic rules of English grammar tenses in this test. Soon more advanced online quizzes on English grammar will be published. You are requested to visit and like our facebook page too. This act of yours will encourage our team. Now take English tenses online quiz and share your experience with your friends too.

1. _________ form of verb is used in all Perfect Continuous tenses?


2. Which form of verb is used in all three perfect tenses?


3. When did is used as an helping verb in negative and interrogative sentences?


4. Which form of verb is used in all continuous tenses?


5. Which form of verb is used in Past Indefinite Tense?


6. Which helping verb is used with singular in Past Perfect Tense?


7. Which arrangement is right for passive voice sentences?


8. Which helping verbs are used in Present Continuous tense?


9. In which 3 tenses Since and For are used?


10. In which 3 tenses been is used with helping verb?


11. In which two tenses helping verb is not used?


12. Ing form of verb will be used in _________?


13. Helping verb _________ is used in future continuous test?


14. Shall is used with which pronouns?


15. When s and es are removed from the sentences of present indefinite tense?


16. ________ form of verb is used in passive voice?


17. In which tense some time s and es are added with first form of verb?


18. Shall and will helping verbs are used in ________ tense?


19. Which verb form will be used in interrogative sentences of past indefinite tense?


20. In which tense shall has and will has is used as helping verb?


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