Everyday Science Online Quiz, MCQs, Model Paper

Everyday Science Online Test, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Sample Paper
Justtest.pk is going to publish its first online test. We have started with the everyday science quiz. We are living in the world of science and technology. No nation can make progress without having good human resource in all the fields of science. That’s why Everyday Science is a compulsory subject in CSS exam. Question related to this subjects are asked in NTS, PMS, PCS, FPSC, PPSC, ETEA and departmental recruitment tests too. This everyday science online quiz will help you in all above mentioned exams. Its just a start as Justtest.pk is going to publish many more online quizzes on the related topic.

Everyday Science Online Quiz, MCQs, Model Paper

Everyday Science Online Quiz, MCQs, Model Paper

There are just 40 most important and most repeated multiple choice questions (MCQs) have been included in this Everyday science online quiz. 2 marks will be given on each correct answer. Rule of negative marking will not be applied on this everyday science online test in the start. You can see your result at the end of the test. Don’t forget to reply the security question before submitting the test for result. Above 60 marks will be considered satisfactory.

We shall guide you in all fields of life and study. We have a committed and hardworking team of professionals of all fields. We have make a road map of future online tests. Unlimited unique online quizzes are in pipeline, which will be published soon. You just need to visit us daily as in your each and every visit you will find something very useful for you on justtest.pk Inshaa Allah. We are eagerly waiting for you comments, suggestions, feedback and even positive criticism. Use the comment box below this page for contacting us. Kindly visit and like the facebook page of justtest.pk too. Now take the Everyday Science online quiz without wasting time.

1. Who invented the first mechanical computer in 1822?


2. Identify the planet?


3. What charge do alpha particles carry?


4. What is plasma?


5. Insulin is the product of ________?



6. What is positron?


7. Anti particles posses ………….. charge?


8. Which is the largest organ in the human body?


9. Carpel is the _____?


10. Which one of these is the outer most layer of earth?


11. Who is the father of Biology?


12. When will Halley’s comet return now?


13. Who invented the telephone?


14. Who discovered the Nitric acid?


15. Identify the invertebrates groups?


16. What electric charge does an antielectron have?


17. Battery converts the chemical energy into _______?


18. What is the SI unit of potential difference?


19. Name the largest gland in human body?


20. Which cell organelle is called the power house of cell?


21. Explain the term black hole?


22. Which is the strongest bone in human body?


23. Which one of these is the fifth state of matter?


24. What is the rate of normal human heart beat?


25. Barometer is used to measure ______?


26. Pyrometer is used to measure ______?


27. UFO stands for _______?


28. Life span of white blood cells ranges from 13 to _____?


29. How many meters are there in a kilometer?


30. What is a supersonic jet?


31. Who discovered the homeopathic method of treatment?


32. Who is the father of classical physics?


33. What is the unit of central nervous system?


34. How many bones are there in the body of an adult human being?


35. Which blood cell in human body does not have nucleus?


36. Fermionic Condensate is _____?


37. One pound has ______ ounces?


38. Which process is common on sun?


39. How many pairs of chromosomes are found in a normal human cell?


40. Aids is caused by ____________?


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