FBISE Federal Board Matric 9th & 10th Class Result 2020

Federal Board FBISE Matric/SSC 9th Class & 10th Class Online Result 2020
This Federal board will deliver their matriculation exam result 2020 in months of June and July 2020. As they will take their exams for this matric class in month of March 2020. This FBISE is a well recognized board. Private and public schools comes under the custody of this Federal board. When these schools becomes affiliated with this FBISE Federal board then they get a legal registration pass for their students.



Private and public school degrees will not come out as registered and valid one if these schools are not affiliated with their boards. Many of the boards do not give equal attention to public schools and private schools. These public and government owned schools are heavily and largely disregarded by educational bodies. This not so professional attitude should not be opted by boards. They need to implement strategies and plans at a par and at equal level on these public and private owned schools. Do you know why students of government owned school are at backward position and private school students always excel? It is due to the difference of policy induction.


Federal Board (FBISE)

FBISE Federal Board Matric 9th & 10th Class Result 2020


It is the duty of board that equal amount of planning and strategies should be implemented at equal level on all students. If some benefit is given to any school then that benefit and edge should be given to all schools of that area. Equal opportunities should be given to students. It is mainly because of Urdu medium of education that our students from public schools are not coming forward.



t is also because of different syllabus and text books that our public school students are not coming out from their shells. This difference of attitude and concern is a matter of great of attention. Exam bodies should consider all students equal. No matter that students belong to private schools, no matter they belong to government schools, they should be treated equally. Our educational structure and format can only be improved if we will start to consider our students and institutions equally.



When FBISE Federal Board Matric 9th & 10th Class Result 2020 Will be Coming?
It is in months of May an June 2020 that this FBISE Federal board will deliver this matriculation online result 2020 to their students. This source will handover you a link. Only click on the link and you will get this online result 2020 of yours. Apart from this matric grade students, this source and page is an informative and reliable page for these intermediate grade students as well. Good luck for these upcoming exams. If some revised schedule will be delivered by this Federal board (FBISE), we will share that schedule with you. Right now just tentative news and updates are being issued by this body. Any of the official update and official news will immediately be published over here.



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