Forman Christian College University Admission 2020 in BS, BA, MS, MBA, MPhil, MA, PhD

Forman Christian College University FCCU Lahore Admission 2020 in BS, BA, MS, MBA, M.Phil, Executive MA, Executive MBA & PhD

It was in 1864 year that Forman Christian College came into being. Dr Charles W.Foreman is the founder of this college. The older name of this college was used to be Lahore Mission college. It was in 1894 year this college name got changed and turned out to be FC college which is elaborated as Forman Christian College. In 2004 year, this college became the chartered university and had its name FC college university. As they have open their admissions now and you can receive all of the details from here:



Programs Part of FCC University Admission 2020 Proceedings
All applicants can apply in BS honors in business program, BS honors in computer sciences, BS honors in biotechnology, MBA program, executive MBA program, MS in computer sciences, Mphil in English, PHD program in chemistry, Mphil in chemistry. They can apply in Mphil in political science program, Mphil in applied economics, Mphil in sociology, Mphil in physics, Phd in physics, Mphil in biotechnology, Phd in biotechnology, Mphil in environmental sciences, Mphil in food safety and quality management as well.



Facts on FCCU Forman Christian College University LahoreĀ 
This FCCU university and its degree programs, they are served by the world professional and experienced faculty members. This university is improving and nurturing the social capital as well as intellectual capital side of Pakistan. It is doing and carrying out some great and meritorious amount of work and tasks. This FCCU university motto is that by love, you can serve another. This motto has been one of the guiding principles for all students of this university. Do you know that two of the presidents of Pakistan and one of the prime minister of India, they graduated from this university, it is true! From this FC college university, the first one chief justice of Pakistan and the large number of governors of Punjab province and chief ministers of Punjab province, they got their education from FC university.



Why to Be in FCCU Forman Christian College University Lahore?
It became the first one institution so far in the sub continent which has its own laboratories to be set up for the purpose of research work It is W category recognized university and it has so far 6347 students in it. This university has 220 faculty members and they are working full time. More than 100 of them has PHD degrees. In 2005 year, this university start their bachelor program studies and their latest postgraduate programs like MBA, it was started in 2007 year. This Forman Cristian College University Lahore also offer Mphil and PHD studies now in some of the specific disciplines.



The list is mentioned for you which is given by Foramn Christian College University about their programs in which registration process is open. Apply in FCC university because this university and its degree can give you a secure and a guaranteed bright future. Stay in touch and if FCC university will open admission in other postgraduate or undergraduate programs, we will tell you.



Click Here To Apply Online in Forman Christian College University FCCU Lahore For Admission 2020


Forman Christian College University Admission 2020 in BS, BA, MS, MBA, MPhil, MA, PhD

Forman Christian College University Admission 2020 in BS, BA, MS, MBA, MPhil, MA, PhD


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