Gemstones & Their Effects on Human Life (Zamurd, Feroza, Neelam, Aqeeq)

Gemstones & Their Benefits or Effects on Human Body and Life in Urdu & English (Zamurd, Feroza, Neelam, Aqeeq)
Most of us love to wear gemstones, but do you know that how these gemstones effect your daily lives in any way, we will tell you! Here we have collected the data on a few of the gemstones, they are quite popular and in the other way round, they do impact your daily lives.

Gemstones & Their Effects

Gemstones & Their Effects on Human Life (Zamurd, Feroza, Neelam, Aqeeq)
How Coral Stone is Great for Your Life?
It stops bleeding, it cure paralysis and joints and fracture related problems. To keep your travel time safer and to avoid accidents during traveling, wear coral stone. If you are going to burn original coral stone in fire, then it will come out in an ash form. By looking at this coral stone by using a magnifying class, you will see that original coral stone will remain to look even and less spots will be there. On the other hand, unoriginal coral stone will have more spots and marks on it and it will look uneven. By rubbing the original and real coral stone on a mirror, no sound will be produced and at the same time, if you are going to rub this artificial gemstone on the mirror, then a hard and tough sound will be heard.

Benefits of Emerald (Zamurd)
You get career related opportunities in your life, your job seeking process become easy and smooth. You become a self confident person, you see improvement in your speech skill area and language skill area.

Impact of Turquoise Gemstone ( Feroza)
This stone successfully bring relaxation, peace element in your lives. You stay away from having fights. The appealing effect of this gemstone is that it keep you protected from the poisonous insects and other biting animals like snakes.

Great Effects of Blue Sapphire ( Neelam)
You can become a wealthy man sooner and gradually. Patients who have a serious throat problem, or serious kind of heart problem, cancer, this gemstone can cure them largely.

The Positive Effects of Quartz ( Aqeeq) On Your Life
This gemstone made to eradicate black magic from your lives, if you are scared of getting an evil eye, then carry this stone along with you.

Opal Gemstone Benefits
All the hurdles which are coming on your way in keeping your love marriage a success, then you can remove these hurdles if you will find this gemstone and wear it.

Pearl Stone Benefits on Your Life
This is the gemstone which can make your life. If you are tired because of the presence of misunderstandings in your lives, then use this stone. A woman beauty can be enhanced and groomed if this gemstone will be regularly worn by her.

How Cat’s Eyes Gemstone is Great For You?
This cat’s eyes gemstone is a great gemstone for the complete removal and treatment of evil eye and black magic from any one life.

The Great Impact of Ruby Gemstone on Your Life
If the individual life has entered into some financial crisis, if you think you are losing the spirit of confidence then this stone can take out from the trouble financial crisis times. Read detailed article in Urdu language about effects of gemstones in Urdu language below this page. Stay in touch with and its facebook page.

Gemstones & Their Effects on Human Life (Zamurd, Feroza, Neelam, Aqeeq)

Gemstones & Their Effects on Human Life (Zamurd, Feroza, Neelam, Aqeeq)

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