Gift University Gujranwala Admission 2021, List of Programs

Gift University GRW Admission 2021, Apply Online & View List of Courses
You can note that this Gift University has started their latest admission processing 2021. On this page, we will attach these details that in which programs they have opened their admissions and also a little bit introductory info on this university. This university was established in year of 2002 and it is located and situated in Gujranwala. This university projected was completed by this government of Punjab. This subjected university offers so huge in number of degree programs, many schools and degree programs are a part of it. Its degree programs are affiliated with these professional fields. Like their programs are linked with the fields of business administration, field of accounting and finance, field of computer science as well as with the field of information technology and textile and fashion designing field. You can also have your bachelors in the subject of English language or in the subject of English literature.


All of these programs are designed in such a way that students are prepared in an automatic manner to further carve out their career path line. Their undergraduate programs and their post graduate as well as graduating degree programs are linked wit specialized certified courses too. This Gift university has been created so that a visible and a prominent change can be brought in the society. This Higher education commission Pakistan has given and awarded W4 ranking to this specific and above titled university. This institution has been employed with high quality staff and faculty line. Their hired faculty and line of professors comes with established and well recognized researching credentials.


Gift University Business School
First we will talk about this Gift university business school. This school is made of the faculties of management sciences and too with the faculty of business and commerce. These faculties offer different programs starting from Bs level to masters level.


Gift Univerity School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Then this university is also composed of its school of engineering and applied sciences. This school was established in year of 2004. In year 2004, only one and single faculty was working in it and that was faculty of computer sciences. But later on in 2013, this school had its expansion time and faculty of engineering was setup in it. Now faculty of electrical engineering and faculty of computer sciences are linked with this school of Gift university.


Gift University School of Arts and Social Sciences
Then we have this school of arts and social sciences as well working in this faculty line of Gift university. It was in 2002 that that specific faculty was established. It is basically a research oriented sort of faculty. We have seen that this faculty is now constantly expanding its academic programs. This department of English and department of Islamic studies, then we have department of media studies and department of psychology, they are part of this Gift university faculty line.


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Gift University Gujranwala Admission 2021, List of Programs


Gift University Gujranwala Admission 2021, List of Programs



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