Government College University GCU Lahore Scholarship 2021 Guide

GC University GCU Lahore Scholarship  2021 Guide in Urdu & English Languages
Here is the complete scholarship guide if you are studying in Government College University GCU Lahore. It is mostly seen these these scholarship opportunities comes in the form of endowment funds. This scholarship range from Rs 20,000 to Rs 1 lakh. Mostly these golden chances of availing and getting scholarships are given to disable students, orphans and minority category students. It is through these endowment fund schemes that deserving students get a fair chance and opportunity to complete their education. These scholarship schemes and endowment fund programs get started only because of the emergence of international universities. These international universities provide and offer this fund to their deserving students and this same practice is too followed in the universities of Pakistan. Because of MOU with China, in each single year, they call out and select 2 students from GCU Lahore so that they can complete their studies in China university.



Government College University GCU Lahore Endowment Fund
This endowment fund which is somewhat kind of scholarship scheme, it is the part of this GCU Lahore. This funding scheme motivate and 100% encourage deserving students so that they can passionately continue their studies.



This funding scheme gives them an easy and smooth platform to carry the expenses of their studies. This endowment fund scheme was started in this GC university Lahore in the year of 2003 and it made functional in year of 2006. This scheme generates and creates funds.



This GC university Lahore endowment fund program and scheme is only for those students whose parents are earning less than Rs 40,000. As this program is at its initial stage and it is difficult for the committee to select all the applicants to avail this scholarship opportunity. That is why shortlisting of applicants has to be done.



Types of Scholarships 2021 Offered by Government College University GCU Lahore
1-This university offers golden scholarship to those students who are extremely needed or if they are orphan. This golden scholarship has the amount of Rs 1 Lakh. This golden scholarship scheme includes the expenses of hostel fees and university fees.


2-This GC university Lahore also offer silver scholarship scheme to their students. This scholarship scheme has range of Rs 50,000. Only those students can become the part of this silver scholarship program who are much needed.


3-Last one we have category scholarship type which is offered by this university. This range offers Rs 30,000 scholarship to the needy students. Rs 20,000 scholarship is also provided to the students. These scholarship schemes are usually and commonly spread out so that more and more students can become aware about these funding programs.


These funds and scholarships are awarded to the students only for 1 year. Then his or her result card is again evaluated. If he or she comes up on the requirements then he gets awarded with a scholarship for his 2nd year studies as well. Read details about Government College University GCU Lahore scholarship 2021 guide in Urdu in the newspaper ad cutting given below.

Government College University GCU Lahore Scholarship 2021 Guide

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