HEC Online Degree Verification Process, Step By Step Guidance

Higher Education Commission HEC Online Degree Verification Procedure, Step By Step Guide
Here we will share this step by step guidance for all students want to attest their degrees and all transcripts from HEC higher education commission of Pakistan. This commission is now facilitating to all of the students. It was from 29th Macy 2017 that this online degree attestation system was introduced. This commission of Pakistan has redefined the level of convenience for all students. So there are two options for you if you want to attest and verify your degrees. Students can choose courier service method or they can choose this scheduling appointment method. Both of the details of these methods are mentioned below:

Courier Service Method
First applicants have to make their online profiles on HEC website. When they will enter all details and credentials of their personal and educational information then they will be taken to next steps. After making an online profile, you have to mark your designated and desired courier service centre. You have to submit all your original documents at courier service centre. For a single document, attestation fee is Rs 800. If you want to attest photocopies of your transcripts, then their attestation fees is Rs 500. Only those transcripts will be attested which are 3 years older. If your degree time span is way far earlier then you have to submit and give your original documents to HEC. Choosing this particular method, your attested degrees will reach to your home within 10 working days. So mainly duration of 10 days is needed if students will choose the courier service method.

Scheduling Appointment Method
If you want to opt walk-in method then note that on your online profile, you have to mention the date and time of your degree and result attestation process. Whatever date and time you have mentioned online, you have to be there at HEC office on that day and time. If you will get late or remain absent on that day, then you need to schedule another appointment. In case your degrees and result cards come out to be fake, then your documents will be handed over to FIA and investigation will be done against that student.This walk-in method is more convenient and less time taking. Courier method needs 10 days processing time and on the other hand, this walk-in scheduling appointment method does not need any processing time.

This is how students can attest their degrees online. Choose any one of these options and easily attest your degrees. All students can try this online degree attestation method. Now your degree attestation processing time will be reduced. You can quickly and in less time attest your degrees and result cards. Stay tuned and we will share more details about this online attestation system. If HEC will make more improvement in their online attestation system, we will let you know so stay in touch. You may read the details in the newspaper ad cutting given below this post. Visit and like our social pages too specially facebook page.

HEC Online Degree Verification Process, Step By Step Guidance

HEC Online Degree Verification Process, Step By Step Guidance

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