How to Become Medical Representative? Career Guidance & Tips

How to Become Medical Representative in Pakistan-Step By Step Career GuidanceĀ 
Have a look at the complete and in-detail career guide of this profession line of becoming a medical representative. Note that if one is appointed and hired on the post of medical representative then it will be an entry level position for him. This job line is linked with pharmaceutical industry. The job of these medical representatives is that they have to represent and be an ambassador of their pharmaceutical company. The medical representatives have to do the marketing and advertising of their new and latest products. This is somewhat a marketing job. you should have excellent communication skills and you should have a dynamic convincing power if you want to be on the position of medical representative. You should also have fundamental knowledge regarding fields of medicines as well as marketing. So if you have done your graduation in science subjects then you contact pharmaceutical companies.

How to Become Medical Representative? Career Guidance & Tips

How to Become Medical Representative? Career Guidance & Tips

Job Type of Medical Representatives
It is a kind of field job. Some of the times these medical representative too have to travel out o city. This job needs a lot of hard work. You need to carry lot of patience level in you. In your initial hiring and posting time, you will get basic training so that you know about main job description of a medical representative. You can also call this job with the title of sales representative. In this job, you will get a fix salary and commission as well. Like whatever product you are going to sell of your company, in return of that, you will get a commission for that!

Medical Representative Certificate Program MRCP From NTS
If any individuals wants to be on this entry level job and he wants to link his self with the pharmaceutical industry then it is must for him to get this Medical Representative Certificate right from NTS. One should know that almost and maximum number of leading and well known pharmaceutical companies, they only employ those individuals who have Medical Representative Certificate given to them by NTS. Note that NTS has just started with their Medical Representatives Certification program which is also known as MRCP. This program is started with the collaboration and joint venture of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA). It is main aim and mission of this Medical Representatives Certification program to train medical representatives. Just graduate candidates can sit for this test. This program fees is 1000 rupees. To get the study material related to this program, you can get it from the official website of NTS.

How Effective Medical Representative Certificate Program MRCP Is?
This MRCP program groom and polish the personality of an individual. It enhances their marketings kills and let them know about tactics and tricks of handling customers and different clients. Individuals who become the part of this program, they learn about pharmacological terminologies, main and primary diseases which a human body often become a victim of them. This program too enhances and improve their professional communication and selling skills.

Career Guide for Becoming Medical Representative in the Field of Homeopathy & Herbal MedicinesĀ 

For becoming medical representative in the fields of homeopathy and unani or herbal medicines, you need to get diploma of DHMS and FTJ respectively. We shall soon write detailed articles on both these diploma courses.

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