How To Clear IIU Islamabad Engineering Entry Test 2020? Smart Tips

How To Clear International Islamic University IIU Islamabad Engineering Entry Test 2020? Smart Tips & Tricks

There is no set path as to how to clear IIU Islamabad engineering entry test 2020? But there is a simple guide that upon following these tips, any engineering test or pre admission engineering discipline entry test can be scored by a student. It is officially known that in this IIU entry test, you will get four section and 100 MCQs are there and 2 hours time frame is given. So the methodology and criteria to pass this test is that follow below written tips. A simple path is set and mentioned in front of you. It is only 100 MCQs which you have to attempt and then this well recognized IIU university is waiting for you to be admitted and registered in its campus.


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How To Clear IIU Islamabad Engineering Entry Test 2020? Smart Tips

1. Technical Understand The Purpose of Past Papers
Many students, they do not at all know about the real purpose of past papers. The purpose of collecting these past papers is that in the long run, you can seek help from them. It is according to these past papers that your future entry test questions will be put up and placed.


2. Grabbing 100% Benefit from Model Papers
These model papers offer you the current format for your entry test. In these model papers, questions are written according to the current syllabus. Though in past papers, you might see some old and outdated topics, but model papers possess all current syllabus questions.


3. Clarity of A to Z English Grammar Rules
In IIU Islamabad engineering entry test, there is the 10% weightage for English section, you will come across different ad variety of questions like linked to synonyms and antonyms, some questions can come from comprehensions.


4. Math Formulas on Your Finger Tips
This is the extreme important and highly weightage section for your IIU Islamabad entry test phase. 40% questions in MCQs form will come, so learn your maths concepts and calculation sides and too its formulas.


5. Revising a Lot Your Previous Notes
Once you prepare a subject or its units, revise them constantly so that you may not forget any concept.


6. Understand That Cramming Gives 0% Result
All applicants for IIU Islamabad entry test, this is an appeal for them that do not prepare or set the preparation for this test according to cramming methodology.


7. Involve Yourself in Small Duration Study Sessions
Study for 45 minutes and then take a break! Do not exhaust your mind while studying for 2 to 3 hours.


8. Chemistry And Physics Subject Theories Understanding
Every day, you should revise and further clear your physics and chemistry laws and concepts.


9. Practice Manage Time of Attempting 100 MCQs in 2 Hours
Written practice will tell and give you this final assessment that whether you can complete these total 100 MCQs in two hours or not!


10. Keep Yourself Confident
Keeping yourself confident will give you long run success at the end of the day.


You can stay with us on this platform so that till this IIU Islamabad engineering entry test 2020 happen, we can constantly guide you.



IIU Islamabad Entry Test 2020 Format, Eligibility & Model Papers

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