How to Gain Weight Fast with Fruits & Vegetables? Tips in Urdu and English

How to Gain Weight Quickly? Super Tips in Urdu and English
If any one of you wants to gain weight fast and quickly then below are the tips which you can opt. We know that none of you wants to look skinny. Each one of us wants to get a healthy look. So how can you look neither skinny enough nor fat enough, you can try these weight gaining tips then! Here is the diet for you and upon following this diet plan correctly, you will be able to increase and gain your weight on balanced note and basis.

Smart Tips About How To Gain Fast

Have Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
You should be eating fresh fruits and vegetables. This kind of diet will make you to gain weight and will make you fresh looking too. You should increase your intake of banana, mango fruits. Take potatoes in your diet, have dates.

List of Fruits and Vegetable Which Help You in Weight Gain
If any person notice that he is getting skinny and there should be a little bit increase in his weight then he can have potatoes in-take in his diet. This vegetable is packed with lots of carbohydrates. They are filled potassium and vitamin C. From a single potato, one can consume 100 calories. You can have boiled potatoes and add cheese in them too. Do you know that in 100 gram cheese, there are 600 calories present in it, it is true.

Bananas are available with lots of important vitamins, fiber and potassium content. To get an instant weight gain, you should have bananas on the regular basis. For the information, a single banana has 105 calories in it and 27 gram carbohydrates.

Experts have proved that pear has lots of fats content in it. Because of this fats content, you can control down cholesterol level. A normal sized pear has 267 amount of calories in it and 27.6 gram of fats content.

Health experts have stated that dates have high content of fiber and iron in them. A single date has 66 calories in it. So if you does not want to have excessive weight gain then try consuming less dates.

This king of fruits is favorite of all of us. This fruit is so much filled with vitamin C and fiber content. For all skinny people out there, you can put some weight on your face upon eating mangoes on a daily basis. Note that a single mango has 135 calories and 31 gram sugar, 35 gram carbohydrates in it.

So follow with this weight gaining tips as soon as possible. We have mentioned you these list of fruits and vegetables which you should take if you want to have weight gain. But make sure that you get stable and balanced weight gain. Excessive weight will not give you a health look and an underweight figure will give you a skinny look. First consider your height and then balance your weight gain figures. Now read tips in Urdu about how to gain weight fast.

How to Gain Weight Fast with Fruits & Vegetables? Tips in Urdu and English

How to Gain Weight Fast? Tips in Urdu and English

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