How To Get Good Marks in Practicals of Physics, Chemistry & Biology? Top 10 Tips

How To Perform Good in Practical Exams of Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry & Biology? Top Ten Smart Tips
One should not at all ignore the importance of these physics, chemistry and biology practicals. If one will get maximum marks in these practicals then he or she can easily increase their percentage and scoring level in their science subjects. These practicals are an added advantage on your side. They give you golden opportunity to increase and improve your percentage. Suppose you fail to do good in your biology paper, or you did not come up on expected marks in your chemistry paper then instead of getting dis-heart, you can work and put effort in your practicals. These practicals are like golden chances for you. You should not take them lightly. Many students do not prepare their selves properly for these practicals and in return, they really get low percentage in their science subjects. The only key to have maximum percentage in your science subject papers is to work on your practicals as well. Here you can have tips that how can you get maximum and highest marks in your chemistry, biology as well as in your physicals practicals. We are sharing these great tips with you about how to get good marks in practicals of science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science:

How To Get Good Marks in Practicals of Physics, Chemistry & Biology?

How To Get Good Marks in Practicals of Physics, Chemistry & Biology? Top 10 Tips

 Perform On An Excellent Terms During Your practical Session
This practical stage, it consist of three stages and on the basis of these three stages, you are being marked and scored. First you will perform the practical, then you will sit for viva and in the end, your practical notebook will be evaluated that will be made by you. During this practical session, you should remain confident. You will usually get a choice in your practical paper. It is recommended to choose that practical which is an easiest one and also the most scoring one. During this practical demonstration, examiner will ask questions regarding apparatus, he will also check your readings. You should take proper readings during practical demonstration. On your practical answer sheet, you should write correct readings, draw diagrams and they should be relevant. Write apparatus details and preparation method too.

Remain Confident During Viva Stage
This viva stage is the second stage of your practical session. During viva, you should remain 100% confident. Examiner will ask questions from you related to the practical which you have performed so make sure that you should know each tiny bit detailing of your performed practical. Even if you does not know the answer of any question, you can give your feedback. It is not necessary that you should have to give an exact answer. If you are strong in your concepts, you can easily answer any question.

Make a Proper One Practical Notebook
Then last you need to prepare your practical notebook properly. You should write all practicals in your practical notebook. Your notebook should be checked. Make sure that your practical notebook should be signed and checked by your concerned teacher. If your practical notebook will be incomplete then automatically you will get less score in this area.

Top Ten Tips & Tricks

Here are top ten smart tips and tricks for you for better performance in the practical exams of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science at SSC and HSSC levels.

1-Revise the practicals at least twice before the final examination.

2-Majority of students do not take the class of  practicals and buy the filled practical not book from market. Try to avoid such activities for better performance in practical exams.

3-Understand the basic concept behind each and every practical, it will help you in theory paper as well as in viva voce.

4-Prepare the short questions given at the end of each practical in practical note book.

5-Prepare the related topic of each and every practical from text book too.

6-Demo science experiments and practicals at home will help you too in exam.

7-Try to help your class fellows in clearing their concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

8-Spend maximum time in lab and never hesitate to ask a question for clearing your scientific concepts.

9-For some practicals you will have to learn by heart the standard readings.

10-Last but not least your attitude with examiner should be very good. Confidence does not mean over confidence or rudeness. Visit our How To and Tips categories daily for reading useful knowledge base articles.



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