How to Get Good Marks in Supplementary Exams? Top Ten Self Help Tips

How to Clear The Supplementary Exams in First Attempt? Top Ten Self Help Tips & Tricks 
These supplementary exams are like a second chance given to you. Those students who appear in these supplementary exams, that means, they fail to give their best in their previous exams. These supplementary exams tell us that you have been previously failed in your exams. But you do not have to lose heart. These exams are like golden chance for you. It is through these exams that you can know and identify your weak areas and weak points. These exams teach us a lesson that we should always work and study hard during our examination. Only those students appear in these supplementary exams who fail to give their 100% best in their previous papers. You should seek lesson from these exams. It is an opportunity for you to seek a lesson from your weaknesses. Here you will know that how can you clear these supplementary exams. If any student will properly apply these top ten self help tips then we are sure that he will do always better in his exams:

How to Get Good Marks in Supplementary Exams? Top Ten Self Help Tips



How to Get Good Marks in Supplementary Exams? Top Ten Self Help Tips

1-Prepare Yourself Properly
Suppose you appeared in your initial papers and you get this feeling that you did not well in those paper. Then instead of waiting for your result, you can start preparing yourself for these supplementary. You should not till then wait for your result. If your gut feeling say so that your will not be passed in your initial papers then it is better to get start with your supplementary exam preparation as soon as possible.

2-Make An Effective Time Table
You should make an effective time table for this supplementary exam preparation of yours. Divide number of hours which you will be giving to each subject of yours. Come with an effective study schedule. You should also take out some time for revision. As this will be your last chance to pass in these failed subject of yours, so give your best and do your best in these supplementary exams.

3-Time Management
You will only get 40 days to prepare for these exams. You will be given much short time, so do not waste any single second.

4-Take Help From Model Papers And Past Papers
Those students who are slow learners, they normally sit for these supplementary exams. We have this effective for them to pass these supplementary exam easily. They should take help from official model papers as well as from past papers.

5-Prepare Important Questions
Students should mark down important questions first. Do mark important topics first and prepare them in the first go! Guess papers and past papers will give you 100% idea that which topics and questions are more important for your supplementary exams.

6-Learn From Your Mistakes
Those mistakes which you have done in your initial papers, you should not commit them again.. Better learn from your mistakes. These supplementary exams are a golden chance and opportunity for you. Do not make those mistakes which you already did in your previous papers.

7-Selected Studies
Due to lack of time you should first use the option of selected studies. We have written a comprehensive article on selected studies read it too. After preparing the important questions read other topics too as much as you can but without taking burden on your mind.

Smart Tips & Self Help Techniques For Selected Studies

8-What About Practical Exams
For guidance and tips about clearing the practical papers kindly read our following article.

How To Get Good Marks in Practicals of Physics, Chemistry & Biology? Top 10 Tips

9-Some Short Tips

If you feel that you can get supply in any paper then start your preparation after annual exam.

You may also buy guess papers from market, but never rely on them completely. Just prepare these questions first.

Prepare at least first half of your text books.

Your focus should be on questions given at the end of each chapter of your all text books.


10-Last but not least never lose hope and your confidence. Remember that you are son of centuries, failure are also part of game. Forget the past and focus on future, you can do it. If you like our top ten tips then kindly like our facebook page too. Stay blessed.


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