How To Prepare For TOEFL & IELTS Tests? Top 20 Tips

Top 20 Tips For IELTS & TOEFL Test Preparation
Are you having this difficulty that you could not be able to pass this IELTS/Toefl test properly? Here you can grab some of the effective of all preparation tips. We will share these top 20 tips with you regarding the preparation of Toefl and IELTS test.


How To Prepare For Toefl & IELTS Tests? Top 20 Tips


1-Do Identify Your Weaknesses
To pass in these tests (IELTS/Toefl), you should be identifying your weaknesses. Like if you are weak in reading part or if you are weak in listening part then work on them.

2-Time Management
For this test, factor of time management is very important. This test consist of various modules and you should properly manage your time in between the completion of these modules

3-Know Properly About IELTS/Toefl Test Format
Many students do not get satisfactory marks in this test because they are unaware about the test pattern and format.

4-Avoid Having Heavy Breakfast
Right on your test day, you should not be taking heavy breakfast. Take a lighter breakfast so that you can attempt this test in a relaxed way.

5-Improve Your English
This test is all about English. To improve your English speaking skills, try talking in English with your friends and close mates.

6-Take Proper Sleep
A night before appearing in Toefl or  IELTS test, you should have proper sleep. Relax down yourself a lot.

7-Reaching to Test Center on Time
You should reach to your test center on time. Do not get late, otherwise you will panic yourself a lot.

8-Read English Books a Lot
This test is also about English vocabulary. You should work on your vocabulary part and read as much English vocabulary books as you can.


9-Attempt And Practice From Online Tests
To get a clear score in this IELTS/Toefl test, you should be attempting as much free online tests as you can. In this way, you will become a proficient candidate in this Toefl/IELTS test.

10-Stay Confident
Confidence is the key to get maximum marks in this IELTS and Toefl. You should not ever lose down your confidence level while you appear in the modules of this test.

11-Remain Focused 
Just keep on concentrating on the questions given in your IELTS and Toefl test. Remain focused and give your 100% attention and concentration.

12-Do Not Waste Extra Time While Attempting Questions
You should manage your time and you should not give extra time to any question. Divide the time properly.

13-Write Impressive Answers
You should try to write impressive answers. And avoid writing and coming up with the generalized kind of answers.

14-Follow Instructions Properly
Before you start to attempt questions of your IELTS and Toefl test, you should read instructions in the first go.

15-Stay With Question Requirements
Just stick with the question requirements. If they have given any word limit then you should try to stick with that.

16-Do Not Cross Word Limit
You should not be crossing word limit of any answer of yours. If you will cross the word limit then you might get a negative marking.

17-Recheck Your Answers
You should recheck your attempted answers again and again. If you find any mistake in them then correct then beforehand.

18-Remain Confident While Appearing For a Speaking Module
Speaking module of this TOEFL/IELTS test is one of the toughest parts. Stay confident while you will sit and appear for this speaking module.

19-Give Precise Answers
You should try to write and come up with precise answers. Your answers should remain to the point.

20-Avoid Giving Irrelevant Answers
Your answers should not be irrelevant in their tone. Try to write relevant answers as much as you can.


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