How To Reduce Electricity Bill in Pakistan? Top 20 Tips in Urdu & English

How To Reduce Electricity Bill in Pakistan? Top 20 Smart Tips in Urdu & English Languages
Unfortunately Pakistan is facing an energy crisis. We can not produce the electricity as per our use. There is a need of energy conservation. Please join hands with government for reducing this energy crisis. It is duty of government to provide the enough electricity but it is the duty of all of use to conserve the energy. Today we shall share about 20 smart tips about how reduce electricity bill in Pakistan. These tips have been given both in English and Urdu languages. Kindly read, follow and share these tips.

1-Instead of using ordinary bulbs, tube lights and energy saver bulbs use 0.9 power factor LED lights.
2-Never use window ac or normal split ac. Always use DC inverter ac. Use DC inverter ac in extreme heat only and set its thermostat at 26.
3-Avoid using ups instead of using normal UPS use digital inverter and use it also carefully.
4-Switch off the charger of your mobile phone and laptop after getting 100% charging.
5-You must use insulator material in the walls and roofs of your houses.
6-Never use ordinary fans, always buy fans with the label of Pakistan energy, such fans will save about 40% electricity for you.
7-Always buy dc inverter refrigerator as it will reduce your electricity bill a lot.
8-Never use a electric heater, geyser and oven.
9-Try to install solar panel in your home. This one time investment will reduce your electrical bill dramatically.
10-Use gas or coal irons for ironing your clothes.

11-Never use the heavy electric equipment during the peak hours.
12-Always buy energy efficient electrical devices.
13-Just use one ac in a house, sleep in one room in nights.
14-Rely more on natural light than on tube light or bulbs.
15-Always plug off your tv or ac after use.
16-Use cooper wiring in your home.
17-Avoid using microwave oven. Never use electric cattle and toaster.
18-Change your living habits. Try to sleep as early as possible and try to get up as earlier as possible.
19-Laptops and tablets are consume much lower electricity than ordinary desktop computers.
20-Read and follow the energy consumption tips given at the back of your electricity bill.

We shall soon share tips about how to reduce electricity bill quickly in Pakistan, so visit and its official facebook page daily.

How To Reduce Electricity Bill in Pakistan? Top 20 Tips in Urdu & English


How To Reduce Electricity Bill in Pakistan? Top 20 Tips in Urdu & English

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