How to Select Best Government College After Matric? Top Ten Tips

How to Select Best Government College For You After Matric & O-Level? Top 10  Golden Tips
One should know that this post matriculation stage is one of the important stages of your educational life. Many of the students, they do not make correct choices and they fail to make correct and right decisions in their lives when it comes to college selection. You need to select your college on a wiser not. Whoever will select and choose the right college for his self wisely, then that student will be able to make this educational path more smoother. When students finish their matriculation studies or when they are get done with their O-level studies then do you know that which is the major issue which they face? They fail to make correct decision in terms of their college selection. Here are top ten tips about how to select best government college after matriculation and O-Level.

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How to Select Best Government College After Matric? Top Ten Tips

1-Join Pre First Year Classes of Government Colleges
It is true that many of the intermediate colleges, they do offer pre first year classes. it is must for the students that they should join and attend these pre first year classes. We have these colleges like Punjab group of colleges and Leads group of colleges, they do offer pre first year classes. So if you want to choose correct and suitable intermediate college for yourself then you need to be the part of these pre first year classes.

2-Join Paid Pre First Year Classes of Government Colleges
If in your city these free pre first year classes are not available and only paid classes are available then you should join them as well. These are very important classes. Selection of an intermediate college should be done by you wisely. In same manner, those students who have done their matriculation in Urdu medium or in English medium, then for their intermediate studies, they should decide and make their mind that whether they are going to continue with this medium of instruction in their intermediate studies as well or not. If they were not comfortable during their matriculation time when they had their medium of instruction as Urdu then it is better to switch their medium of instruction during their intermediate studies.

3-Always Get Admission in Top Most Government College
If you have maximum marks in your matric exam and you have bee given this choice that what kind of college you want to opt and want to have admission in it then always go for te top most and best college. No matter that college is not located in your city, even if you have go out of city, you should pursue for it. Getting admission in best and top most colleges really bring a positive and polishing impact in your personality and educational life.

4-Get Admission in That Government College Which Match With Your Subject Line
We have seen lots of students that they change their subject line and field line just for the sake that they want to get admission in best and top most colleges. This should not happen so! You should not compromise your field line and your area of interest just because of the fact that this college is liked by you. First of all, your interest line and main subject line comes first. You should be in that college where you easily take admission in your concerned and related subjects after clearing the intermediate exam.

Some Other Tips For Selection of Public College 

5-Government college must have highly qualified faculty. Remember that majority of public sector colleges in Pakistan do not have well trained staff for FSc, ICS and BS degree.

6-There should be least political activities in the government college.

7-There must be library, play grounds, IT and science labs (Physics, Chemistry, Biology).

8-Hostel facility must be very good and cheap.

9-College should have its on transport and in house cafeteria.

10-Government college should have good repute, alumni and past results.

Hopefully you will like above given top ten tips about how to chose best government college after matriculation. If yes then visit and like our facebook page too. Wish you best luck.


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