HSK 2 Test in Pakistan 2020, Intro, Structure, Schedule, Fee, Result, Apply Online

HSK Level 2 Test Guide-Introduction, Format, Form Download, Pattern
If you are one of the individuals who have passed the HSK 1 test, then it is the time that you should be explained with clear amount of introduction on this HSK 2 assessment test. This test will help you in communicating the basic Chinese language for routine based tasks.



Why This HSK 2 is Made And Designed? Benefit of Passing HSK 2 Assessment
This HSK 2 passing test stage will help you in learning 300 commonly used one Chinese words. This is the biggest benefit which you will get after passing this test.



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Pattern Made And Structured for HSK 2 Assessment
There are two main sections and components of this test and they are reading comprehension section, the second one is the listening comprehension section.



Listening Section: 4 sections are there in this part, you will be given 35 questions and it is required from the candidate to solve these whole and total questions in just and only 25 minutes.



Reading Section: Then comes the reading section, you will get total 4 sections, total 25 questions are there and you have to solve them in only 22 minutes.



Pattern Made for Listening Comprehension Section for HSK 2 Test
Part 1: It has 10 items and the requirement put up for the applicant is to make a true or a false judgment.



Part 2: You will get 10 items and it is required from you to select the appropriate answer. You will be given dialogues and pictures in the form of questions.



Part 3: The candidate will be given 10 items and the candidate will be provided with three possible answers for every question which is part of this section. Choose and pick the correct answer only.



Part 4: 5 items will be there having sentence dialogues and the test taker has to choose the correct dialogue out of all of and among them.



Overall Structure And Type of Questions Part of Reading Comprehension HSK 2 Assessment
Part 1: You will get 5 items. It is required from you to pick up the picture which falls in relation to the given statement.



Part 2: The test taker will be attempting 5 questions and it is the missing word portion which you have to attempt. Think of the suitable word which you have to attempt in the given questions.



Part 3: You will be give with 5 items and the candidate job is to look for the relation present between two statements.



Part 4: You will get 10 items and 20 sentences will be provided to you. It is required from you to search for the correlation existing between these sentences.



Passing Score for HSK 2 Test And Details of Its Validity Time
As total marks assigned to this exam, it is 200 and you can pass this test if you will get 120 marks. Moreover, it is for two years that you can use the score and marks of HSK 2 test.



If you are about to sit for this HSK 2 assessment, then prepare further harder for it and share with your result as well.



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