HSK Level 1 Test 2021, Intro, Structure, Fee, Apply Online

Guide About HSK Level 1 Test 2021 in Pakistan, Format, Purpose, Fee, Benefits, Pattern, Form Download
Talking solely about this HSK Level 1, it is actually the A1 level of Common European Framework of Reference CEF .To understand the simple Chinese language sentences, words and phrases, do pass this HSK Level 1.


Purpose of Taking This HSK Level 1 Test
The purpose of this test is to let the test taker to understand 150 commonly and excessively used Chinese words, sentences and phrases.



HSK Level 1 Test 2021, Intro, Structure, Fee, Apply Online

HSK Level 1 Test 2019, Intro, Structure, Fee, Apply Online



Main Sections of HSK Level 1 Test
Listening Section: The listening section is composed of total 4 sections. The test taker will be solving total 20 questions. The time to solve these 20 questions, it is 15 minutes.


Reading Section: The reading section comprise and made of total 20 questions. The time assigned to the test taker to solve these 20 questions, it is exactly 17 minutes.


Listening Comprehension Section: Under this listening comprehension section, just the time of 3 minutes duration is going to be assigned to the test taker.
Listening Comprehension Section Details for HSK Level 1
Part 1: Questions part of this part 1 are about phrases and pictures. It is required from you to mark your answer by stating false or true judgments.


Part 2: The part 2 of this HSK Level 1, for every question, the test taker will be assigned with a sentence and along with that he or she will get three pictures. You have to choose the picture which goes in relation to that sentence.


Part 3: Under this part, questions will be composed of dialogue and pictures.You need to choose the picture which goes all in relation to that specific and particular dialogue statement.


Part 4: While you are been given this part 4, on your question paper you will get three statements. You have to match the correct and suitable statements with each other.


Reading Comprehension Section Details for HSK Level 1
Part 1: The phrase and a picture will be assigned to every question. You have to select that which picture matches and makes a relation with which of the question.


Part 2: Questions shall comprise of pictures and along with that sentence statements will be the part of every question. The person has to judge which sentence statement and which picture are excessively and extremely related to each other.


Part 3: 5 questions are there, same way 5 answers are there. The requirement from you is to match the questions with their suitable answers.


Part 4: This part questions are about filling up the missing words in the given sentences and phrases.


Total Marks of HSK Level 1 Test And How Much is The Passing Score?
As this reading and listening section comprise of 100 marks each, this makes the total score of this test as 200 and you should score and get marks up to 120 so that you can get the passing certificate of this test.


HSK level 1 test fee changes very frequently so check current fee on official portal. Form is also available there. If you are about to sit for this HSK Level 1 test then we will give you more tips details and suggestions to pass this assessment to keep tuned and in touch with us.


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Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK Test 2021) Format, Stages, Tips

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