HSK Speaking Test (HSKK), Introduction, Levels, Structure, Fee, Form

Career Counseling on Chinese Language Speaking Test HSKK, Pattern, Benefits, Result Validity
This HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) test, assess, mark and judge the applicant that how far he is proficient in speaking Chinese language. It is the speaking test in which you can appear yourself. Here we will give you the complete details that what questions come in the beginner level stage, intermediate level and advanced level stages of this exam test.

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HSK Speaking Test (HSKK), Introduction, Levels, Structure, Fee, Form

Why This HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) is Made and Designed?
Different levels and stages of this HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) are designed and made so that individuals can get in a position to grasp and master the Chinese language quickly and easily.]
The beginner level stage master you to learn 200 Chinese words.
The intermediate level stage help you master 900 Chinese commonly used words.
The advanced level stage help you learn 3000 commonly used Chinese words.

How Many Are The Test Levels of This HSK Speaking Test (HSKK)?
HSK Primary Level: This level will help you in understanding the oral expressions.
HSK Intermediate Level. This level will guide you communicate and converse in Chinese language easily.
HSK Advanced Level: This stage will allow the person talk fluently and flawlessly, hassle free in Chinese.

What Questions Come in HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) Beginner Level Stage?
Part 1: 15 items are there and they will be based on sentence recordings. Whatever sentence recording you will get, you have to repeat that out in total 4 minutes.
Part 2: 10 items are there and whatever recording you will get and receive, you have to answer them back in Chinese language in just 3 minutes.
Part 3: 2 items are there and for the given questions, candidates have to write 5 proper sentences of those questions in only 3 minutes.

What Kind of Questions Are Asked in HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) Intermediate Level Stage?
Part 1: 10 questions are there and you will be given a mark if you will repeat the correct audio recordings in 3 minutes.
Part 2: 2 questions are there and the person has to explain the given images in form of correct grammatical sentences in only 4 minutes.
Part 3: 2 items are there and sentence based answers are expected from you which will attempt in 4 minutes.

What Questions Are Usually Put Up in HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) Advanced Level Stage?
Part 1: 3 questions are there and the candidate has to repeat out the passage recording in just 7 minutes.
Part 2: 1 question will be there and reading of the given passage is required from you in only 2 minutes.
Part 3: 2 questions are there and this part is all about answering the questions in proper grammatical sentence form in just and only 5 minutes.

Passing Percentage and Result Validity Time for HSK Speaking Test (HSKK)
Score up to 60 is required out of total 100 marks.
It is up to two years only that this test score remains valid.
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