Introduction of Internet of Things, GK in Urdu & English About IOT

Complete Introduction of IOT, General Knowledge About Internet of Things in Urdu & English Languages
The complete introduction about Internet of Things is here. So what this concept all about is? Can you imagine that your coffee cups are talking to you? Or your pot plants are sending your text messages? Can you actually imagine that your alarm clocks and thermostat are in communication with each other? Can it really happen that doctors keep an eye on the minute by minute health condition of their patients by embossing sensors in their bodies? Yes all this will become possible one time.

Internet of Things (IOT)- Uprising in The World of Science
The arrival of Internet of Things can be marked as a revolution in the world of science. Scientists are conducting experiments and in the near time, special sensors will be installed in the non living items. This will all happen for sure!

With IoT, non living things will act like robots. The minute you will have the last sip of your coffee, you will get an instant message that whether you are craving for more sip of coffee or not! Watering the plants is important but how can you exactly know that your house plants need water at what times, with these installed sensors, plants will text you that it is their water time.

Internet of Things (IOT) Miracles Seen in The Zones of America
Some remarkable evidences are seen as shown by Internet of Things right in the zones of America. These miracles can clearly be seen in this American home. In this home, there are many robotic machines and they are constant conversation with each other. The sensors been put up in these machines, they tell each other what to do now!

The success seen by the Internet of Things, it happens because of the close collaboration and working of radio waves, smart phones technology, wi fi.

IoT has brought machine and a human being on a closer note. We see now closer interaction between them. Especially in these USA medical centres, the heavy use of IoT is observed.

In the western regions, the popular use of this concept will be correctly implemented. There is an interesting piece of house in San Francisco. This house belongs to an IT technician and in that house, sensors are present in the plants pots. They make it identify to their home owner that watering time has arrived. In this interesting house, all room lights, fans, A.C, they turned on automatically.

So whether we will be able to see the miracles as laid down by Internet of Things in other countries too or not? Let us wait for a time and be this concept to become a success in the western countries first of all. Can you thought of other great miracles which can be done by IoT, share your great views with us. For more general knowledge facts, stay in touch with and its facebook page.

Introduction of Internet of Things, GK in Urdu & English About IOT

Introduction of Internet of Things, GK in Urdu & English About IOT

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