Internship Guide For Pakistani Students & Job Seekers in Urdu & English 

Internships Search Guide For Everyone 
Here readers will get complete information about this internship phase. This is a very important phase for any student. Normally students complete their internship during their graduation or masters level studies time. Suppose you are doing BBA honours then during your 7th and 8th semester duration, you need to complete your internship training as well. It is your training phase. This internship teaches you that how can you stand and tolerate tough professional and corporate environment. In Pakistan, almost all private and public sector banks, public sector companies and firms, private owned firms and organizations, multi national companies, they do offer internship opportunities to fresh graduating students. It is especially during summer time that this internship phase gets started. Here from this page, you will know that how can you apply for this internship and what is the correct procedure to do that:


Internship Guide For Pakistani Students & Job Seekers in Urdu & English

How to Find an Internship in Pakistan?
Suppose you want to apply in a bank or you want to apply in any telecom company, then you need to visit their official website on the regular basis. On their official website portal, they have career section. Click on that section and you will there get to find complete information on this internship processing. You can even get in touch with newspaper section. Most of te banks, telecom companies and multinational firms, they announce summer internship opportunities in newspapers.
In Pakistan, now almost each single university and institution, they have their career counseling section.You can contact with them. Many of the universities, they guide their graduating students that where they should apply for their internships training. Some universities do conduct seminars so that their students can be properly guided that how internships process should be carried out.

Importance of Internships
Through this internship phase, you get to have insight learning about corporate and professional environment. This training phase makes your competitive enough to remain and survive in corporate world. This training polishes you and makes you professional enough so that you can become a most suitable candidate for any job title. It is important for all under graduating and post graduating students to pass this internship phase. In most of the universities, they have fixed this credit hours requirement as well. Most of the institutes do not handover final degree to their students until and unless they complete this internship phase. More you learn from your internship, better and much great it will be for you.

Types of Internships
You can have paid internship or you can have unpaid internships. During this internship phase of yours, you are normally given a stipend. Stpend amount is usually Rs 10,000 maximum.You also get a certificate once you complete this internships training. This certificate matters a lot. You can add this certificate in your experience listing and achievements.
Stay connected. Do not ever neglect this internship phase. This internships time is the foundation and base of your professional life.

Internship Guide For Pakistani Students & Job Seekers in Urdu & English

Internship Guide For Pakistani Students & Job Seekers in Urdu & English 


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