Join Pak Army 2021 Online Quiz, Solved MCQS & Sample Paper

Join Pakistan Army 2021-Online Test & Model Paper About Pak Army General Knowledge GK
Do you want to join Pak army as early as possible? If yes then now you are at the right web page. is a trend setter in the field of online quizzes. We are trying to help the students of all fields by publishing unique online quizzes on various useful topics. On this page you may see our first ever test for those candidates who want to join Pak army 2021. There is very limited online material is available for those candidates who want to join Pak army, navy and PAF. We shall try to fill this gap. Our team is planning to prepare lot more online quizzes for joining all branches of armed forces like Navy, PAF, ISI etc. We need your suggestions too in this regard.


Join Pak Army

Join Pak Army 2021 Online Quiz, Solved MCQS & Sample Paper


Pakistan army has a great history and traditions, but majority of us have very limited general knowledge about its brilliant past. We are going to publish this online test to guide you in this regard. Its not hard to join Pak army 2021 you just need to improve your physical fitness, GK, IQ and EQ level. We shall guide you in details in all these areas. If you are committed to join Pak army 2021 then stay connected with us. We are here to change the all traditions of online quizzes. By the grace of Almighty Allah we are sure that we are the best in this field, Inshaa Allah time will prove our claim.


This online test is just for improving your general knowledge about Pakistan armed forces. These 40 MCQs may be asked in preliminary tests and interviews too. Detailed online quizzes for all commissioned, non commissioned and civilian posts will be published soon for those who want to join Pak army. Till then stay connected with us and our social pages.  Here is the list of recommended online quizzes for you.


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1. JF-17 Thunder is the first made in Pakistan _______?


2. Who was the first field marshal of Pak army?


3. Who is the six star general in Pakistan?


4. Who was the last Commanders-in-Chief of the Pakistan Air Force?


5. Al-Khalid is the first made in Pakistan?


6. Who was the first Chief of Naval Staff of Pakistan Navy?


7. Sir Frank Messervy & Douglas Gracey were two _____ of Pak army?


8. Who was the first Chief of Air Staff of PAF (CAS)?


9. What is the rank of core commander in Pak army?


10. PMA stand for ______?


11. PAF have won _____ Nishan e Haider?


12. Mushshak is the first training ______ of Pakistan.


13. Pak army is fighting at the highest battle field of the world, where it is situated?


14. Where the biggest cantonment of Pakistan army is situated?


15. Which military award of Pakistan is equivalent to Nishan e Haider?


16. Chawinda is famous for ________?


17. Who was the first Muslim Naval Commanders-in-Chief of Pak Navy?


18. Five star general is called _______?


19. Is Brigadier a general?


20. General Pervez Musharraf wrote the book ______?


21. Who was Naval Commanders-in-Chief, Pakistan Navy during 1965 war?


22. GHQ is the head quarter of ______?


23. Who was the Chief of Pakistan army during Kargil war?


24. Lahore, Sargodha, Sialkot were given _____ in 1965 war?


25. Naik Saif Ali Janjua is the only Pakistani soldier who was given _______ award?


26. Name the C-in-C of Pak army who wrote famous book Jawan to General?


27. SSG stands for _______?


28. Karnal Sher Khan Nishan e Haider was hero of ________ war?


29. Who was the first C-in-C of the PAF?


30. Pakistan Ordnance Factories are situated in _____?


31. Who was the last Naval C-in-C of Pak Navy?


32. How many Nishan e Haider were given in 1971 war?


33. How many Nishan e Haider were given in 1965 war?


34. Who was the first Muslim Commanders-in-Chief of the Pakistan Air Force?


35. Who was the first Naval Commanders-in-Chief of Pakistan Navy?


36. When navy day is celebrated in Pakistan?


37. Hilal e Kashmir medal was given to _________ soldiers?


38. MM Alam is famous for


39. New GHQ is being constructed in _______?


40. Sepoy Khudadad Khan was the first Muslim who won the _____________ medal?


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