Lahore Garrison University LGU Admission 2021 Schedule, Fee Structure, Form

Lahore Garrison University LGU Admission 2021 in BS, MS ,MSc, MA, MBA, BBA, MS, M.Phil & PhD Programs
Being the HEC recognized university, this Lahore Garrison University has always proceeded their admission phase on 100% fair and honest basis. Now once again, this admission trial is started and students can apply in this university with all and full confidence. It is on the online link and that you can get your admission forms and the link is mentioned for you:



Programs Offered by Lahore Garrison University in Their Admission 2021 Phase
First we have their faculty of basic sciences, from this known faculty, students can apply in the BS program categories or in the MSC degree program categories. There are many BS programs in which forms can be submitted. Subjects and main courses in which BS education can be done, they are physics, chemistry, BS program can be studied in mathematics, statistics or in environmental sciences, botany subject or in microbiology subject. Or in biochemistry subject. BS program of zoology, BS of biotechnology, they are offered by LGU university. This same faculty is offering MSc studies in statistics, mathematics, physics and in chemistry subjects.


Faculty of Computer Science Admissions Opened by Lahore Garrison University LGU
The faculty of computer science and IT which is part of Lahore Garrison University, they have opened the portal and chain of their admissions for their BS, MCS categories. Now to apply in BS program, you can pass this honors studies in IT or software engineering or in computer science subject. There is an MCS program in which students can apply too.


Faculty of Social Sciences Programs Served by Lahore Garrison University LGU
This faculty of social sciences and languages, applicants can apply in any of the BS, MA categories or in MSC programs options. First the discussion about BS programs will take place and this bachelor of science program be can applied in the mentioned categories of Islamic studies subject or urdu. Or BS program can be applied by the candidate in English, mass communication or in applied psychology or in economics subject. Then the named faculty has instructed the applicants that MA program admission forms can be grabbed and MA Urdu or MA English can be done. The course and span of MSC studies, it is offered in the options of political science, in the option of mass communication subject and in international relations subject option.


More of extensive list of programs which are opened and attached with 2021 admission stage of Lahore Garrison University, that will be shared with you. If you have an option in your mind to apply in their BBA program or in their MBA program or MS program, you can do that. Then these MS program studies, choices are given to candidates to do MS in clinical psychology or in microbiology, mathematics, international relations. So yes the list is quite long for their degree programs, do make the wise choice that which program you want to choose for your future studies.

Lahore Garrison University LGU Admission 2021 Schedule, Fee Structure, Form


Lahore Garrison University LGU Admission 2021 Schedule, Fee Structure, Form

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