Learn Cupping Therapy (Hijama Treatment), Health Benefits, Procedure (Urdu-English)

Hijama Guide in Urdu & English, Precautions, Benefits & Importance
Cupping (Hijama) therapy is basically a treatment which is all about the involvement of the rounded inverted cups over few parts of your body by means of using a vacuum effect. It has been medically researched that drawing of skin within the cups plays an important role to increase the flow of blood in that specific area.


This method of cupping (Hijama) has been very much popular in the Chinese medicine world for the last so long years. It is considered to be an ancient healing system where it has gained a high popularity in the athletes.


What are the Basic Uses of Cupping Therapy?
This therapy of Cupping is considered to be the complementary therapy for different uses as discussed below:

Shoulder pain
Back pain
Neck pain
Knee pain
Sport injury
Muscle pain or soreness

As we talk about the traditional Chinese medicine, it has been stated that the process of cupping therapy has been used just to stimulate the whole flow of the vital energy as well as blood. It is also helpful to correct any sort of imbalanced which takes place due to injury or illness. Some of the medicine doctors also combine it with the acupuncture or occupressure.


Overview on Major Benefits of Cupping Therapy
Cupping increases the circulation
Suction through the cup often increases the circulation to any area where the cups have been placed. This will also cause an additional flow of blood over that area which will relieve the muscle tension and also promote the cell repair. This increase in circulation through cupping will also reduce the growth of cellulite.



Hijama (Cupping) also encourages tissues to fully release toxins
There are different organs in the human body which can remove the toxins out of the blood. But sometimes the modern routine will overload your whole body with various toxins. Cupping therapy will give your whole body a certain boost for the release of toxins. All the built-up toxins will be flush out with the help of lymphatic system.



Cupping (Hijama) reduces anxiety
As the therapist will glide the cupping cups over the skin, your parasympathetic nervous system is also engaged. This eventually promotes a deep relaxation which moves through the entire body. This parasympathetic nervous system is also responsible where it slow down your heart rate, supports your body in digestion, and also increases the intestinal or gland activity.



Cupping (Hijama) also reduce stretch marks or scars
Having an increased level of blood flow will dispose-off the toxins and will restore the lymphatic circulation, and also help to remove the excess fluid. This removal of excess fluid will also help to reduce the scarring appearance. It has been also tested that cupping does play an important role to reduce the scars of marks over the areas where the cups have been applied.


What are the Possible Side Effects?
Cupping can somehow cause pain, or swelling, as well as burns. You might also face dizziness, or lightheadedness, as well fainting. It probably makes you feel sweating, or skin pigmentation, as well as nausea. Cupping should just be done over those areas which are broken or have inflamed skin. Pregnant ladies and kids should be kept away from cupping (Hijama).


Learn Cupping Therapy (Hijama Treatment), Health Benefits, Procedure (Urdu-English)


Learn Cupping Therapy (Hijama Treatment), Health Benefits, Procedure (Urdu-English)

Learn Cupping Therapy (Hijama Treatment), Health Benefits, Procedure (Urdu-English)


Learn Cupping Therapy (Hijama Treatment), Health Benefits, Procedure (Urdu-English)

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